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[FIXED] Sims won't eat a full meal

by ClockworkNed

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT/A] Toddlers won't eat a full meal

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Mine has started doing this with the new patch, I removed mods and still the same.


My toddler has been cranky and stuff since she wont eat or fully eat and when she holds a toy, it gets stuck on her hands and no way of removing it.



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Re: [NEEDS INPUT/A] Toddlers won't eat a full meal

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I have this issue as well. A similar but different issue I have is that my toddlers will get into a "sleep loop" where they'll lay down to go to sleep, then get up and go to the other side of the bed and keep doing that until I reset them. Idk if anyone else is having that last issue and if I should make another thread for it. 

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT/A] Toddlers won't eat a full meal

@carrotcookies There seem quite a bit of toddler issues. There's this one: for example. Could it be related to that in any way ?

If not, yes, a new thread would be good.

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT/A] Toddlers won't eat a full meal

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@carrotcookies I've been getting that too. Not quite as often as the food thing, but enough that it's been really annoying when trying to play. 


I think it's probably all related, including toddlers getting stuck with things. I've had one of my toddlers stuck with a plate of spoiled food that's been getting in the way of everything, but I've had the other issues with toddlers who aren't stuck with anything in their hands too. 

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT/A] Toddlers won't eat a full meal

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I'm having the same issue! After two attempts of eating, sometimes she goes to put the food back in her inventory and the plate disappears. Then my toddler can't interact with anything or do anything after that. It usually resolves if I exit the game but it returns after the "not eating the full meal" problem you all are having too. I don't play with mods.

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT/A] Toddlers won't eat a full meal

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@carrotcookies YES - I cannot get them to sleep properly, either. Not just you. I have had that, the not putting down a book/toy/empty plate and the not finishing a meal thing. It's making me crazy and I keep getting yelled at by the game to take care of my toddlers. I'm like I AM TRYING! LOL
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Re: [NEEDS INPUT/A] Toddlers won't eat a full meal

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I've been noticing that my toddlers aren't eating full meals sometimes too since the June 18/19 update, however, at least for me, it seems like they will if they are really hungry.  I'm wondering if they've adjusted the amount of food a toddler needs to eat?  One time I checked my toddler's hunger after they had only eaten half a sandwich, and the toddler was already full. 


Thanks and regards,

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Re: Only eating half the food

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Tried a new save, moved to Oasis Springs instead of Newcrest and it still happens. 

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT/A] Toddlers won't eat a full meal

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Interesting theory. But I like to err on the side of caution and have them eat til the meter's full. I'd rather have a chunky toddler instead of none at all.


On another note, finding random plates of half eaten spoiled food isn't the best. 

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Re: [TO ADD] Toddlers won't eat a full meal

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I had this issue with the Pho specifically with 2 of my toddlers. Neither of them ate it; luckily I had some fruit in each of their inventory, so they chowed down on those. Second time I tried to get one of them to eat a bowl of Pho (the other one had aged up to a child by this time), she once again, didn't eat it. She did fully eat a different meal though, so maybe in my case it's just the Pho that's bugged?

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