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[FIXED] Sims won't eat a full meal

by ClockworkNed

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Re: Toddlers won't eat a full meal

@puzzledskitty If they don't eat at all, then it sounds different. There's also still an issue with eating and drinking.

Maybe it's some kind of routing issue. Did you try different houses/Sims ?

Best to create a new thread for this if you can duplicate it on several different houses. If it's just this and that house, try moving around stuff.

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Re: Toddlers won't eat a full meal

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@BellaDonnaDog75 wrote:

The toddlers do finish their meals with the newest patch BUT now their other needs (bladder, energy & attention) decrease at a 2x rate. You can see double red arrows moving down at a high speed.  

Huh, I haven’t seen that or even noticed the toddlers being more needy in all respects besides hunger. I’ll probably play a little tonight and I’ll watch my toddlers’ needs. 

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Re: Toddlers won't eat a full meal

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@shadedgrey63 : The Toddler rapid needs bug mentioned there got hotfixed late last month.
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Re: Toddlers won't eat a full meal

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Hi the bug originally reported in this thread was fixed with Patch 1.58.63. If you're seeing something cropping up with this again, please create a new/current bug report to begin logging that. I'll lock this thread here.

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