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Re: return early from school

by DizzyDi33

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[FIXED] Sims return from Work/School early after loading screen

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★ Guide

Product: The Sims 4
Which language are you playing the game in? English
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
What is your current game version number? n/a
What expansions, game packs, and stuff packs do you have installed? Get to Work, Seasons, City Living / Outdoor Retreat, Dine Out / Vintage Glamour Stuff, Luxury Party Stuff, Perfect Patio Stuff
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Wait for a holiday to roll around. Then make sure a sim goes to work or to school. While the sim(s) are at their work or gaining education, have another sim leave the lot and travel somewhere else. The working and studying sims will return home.
What happens when the bug occurs? As soon as a sim travels OR enters the CAS, the other sims return home. There is an avalanche of notifications of such-and-such sims having returned from work and having earned however much their actual work time earned them. Work and school performance suffers.
What do you expect to see? I expect sims to stay at work and/or school even if a family member gets to go have some outside-home fun during a holiday.
Have you installed any customization with the game, e.g. Custom Content or Mods? Never used.
Did this issue appear after a specific patch or change you made to your system? Yes
Please describe the patch or change you made. Seasons expansion.


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Accepted Solution

Re: [OPEN] Sims return from Work/School early after loading screen


  • If a Sim is at work or school on the day of a holiday, they will no longer return home from work/school early if another Sim in the household travels somewhere during the holiday.

Taking feedback if this is still occurring for anyone (with or without holidays)


Fixed in Patch 1.47.49

Happy Gaming


I don't work or have any association with EA. I give advice to the best of my knowledge and cannot be held responsible for any damage done to your computer/game.
Please only contact me via PM when asked to do so.

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Re: return early from school

★ Apprentice

I am also experiencing this glitch in game for the first time since installing seasons my sim goes to school as normal and when my game has finished returning to my sims house she is standing outside of it with none of her needs affected no mods are currently in game and  it is still occurring.

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Re: [TO TEST] Teens Return from School Early

★★★ Novice

When one of my Sims go to an event, the other household sims leave work/school early. 

It does that since I installed Seasons. 

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Re: [TO TEST] Teens Return from School Early

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★ Guide

I noticed something similar happening as well. When I loaded in a save where someone was at work, that sim came back from work. Hasn't happened to me in a long time. First time it has happened is since seasons.


Edit: I noticed as well as others that this bug only occurs when a holiday is going on. When there is no ongoing holiday, sims stay at school or work as they should. 

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Re: [TO TEST] Teens Return from School Early

★★ Apprentice

My kids returned from school early and the mom returned early from work. This was during a holiday. It even said my kid was late for school. Then she went a returned early. It’s annoying! 

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Re: [TO TEST] Teens Return from School Early

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★★ Guide

I had sims also returning from school and from work when I entered cas via a sim at home using the mirror. When I existed cas the dad and daughter were back hours before they should. 


Edit: I tested it out a bit more and found a pattern in my game. This bug (sims returning early both when another sim travels or when you enter cas) only accurs when a holiday is going on. When no holiday is going on, sims stay in school/at work. 

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Re: [TO TEST] Teens Return from School Early

★★★ Apprentice

I have this happening too! I can't have my Sim go to a different place while anyone is at school or work because they'll all return home and their grades, performance, and responsibility takes a massive hit. I also can't go back home and re-send them to school/work. There's no option to send them back. It acts as though the day has finished entirely.

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Re: [TO TEST] Teens Return from School Early

★★ Novice

I've been having this issue as well since installing Seasons. I just had a mom head out to the library while the teens were in school, only to get a bunch of pop-up notifications that they'd lost their responsibility traits due to leaving school early as soon as the lot loaded. And yes, this particular situation did happen on Halloween so it seems to fit the pattern others are noticing.


This might be a related issue, but I've had a similar issue as well with entering CAS while away from the home lot, specifically to customize townie's outfits on the fly while in a group or club meeting. Each time, after leaving CAS, it sends me back to the family members at home, and when I switch back to my previous sim, the group and/or club meeting has been disbanded. Not sure if this is the same or a different issue, but I thought I'd mention it in case it's another symptom of the same problem since it seems to have started around the same time.

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Re: [TO TEST] Teens Return from School Early

★★★ Novice
I've been getting this problem ever since City Living IIRC, which makes playing any of the 3 "Get To Work" jobs near impossible with more than one Sim. Mine happens with another Sim at school, work, etc.

The really weird thing is that it doesn't happen every time, and it doesn't happen with every family. My current file, the one at work will come home immediately when the one not at work does anything in CAS, travels to a different lot, or when I reload my save if my Sim is at work, with no way to send him back to work. I've tried the "Factory reset without reinstalling" method, as well as removing all mods, but still nothing.
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Re: [MOD RELATED] Sims autonomously leave work early

★ Guide

I see this is an old thread, but I have this bug, and I don't have mods, nor have I ever had any.
Aaaand I'm not managing to find the right folders to do the suggested fix. =( I'm not sure if things have changed since then, or if *I'm* just not finding them.

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