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Re: [OPEN] Sims Obsessed with Workbench

by pixiejuice

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Re: [OPEN] Sims Obsessed with Workbench

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I've got this too, Crin.  It appears it will happen with modded and unmodded games. My sims are totally obsessed with the workbench and it seems it occurred after the first patch after City Living was installed.  Also, they jump to the T-position a lot.

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Re: [OPEN] Sims Obsessed with Workbench

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Happening to me, too. I'm all for them enabling autononomy on the workbench, but currently it is way too attractive to every Sim. Doesn't matter if they have high or low handiness skill. If you really want to see this issue in action, make a household of eight and put them on a fairly large lot with many other things to do, and I can pretty much guarantee one of those eight Sims will always be on that workbench unless they're all asleep. I don't think it's about them not having anything better to do, since as I said I really saw this happening a lot on a large lot where the household has many other things to do such as computers, TVs, stereos, a movie screen, instruments, games, you name it. 


I finally just got rid of the thing because it was causing inventory pile-up on my Sims. Some of them seriously had like 40+ sculptures in their inventories when I checked. 


I'm cool with them keeping this item autonomous, but it really needs to be toned down a LOT. 


Edit it to add: Happens with or without mods, doesn't seem to be related to any particular traits or emotions, and in my game at least they weren't neglecting their needs in favor of woodworking, but the game does seem to push them to do it frequently which can cause some queue-stomping. 

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Re: [OPEN] Sims Obsessed with Workbench

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I know. I hate it too. I took away the workbench except if my Grandfather Sim wants to construct instruments. He makes a fortune doing that.
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Re: [OPEN] Sims Obsessed with Workbench

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I too recently have this. I have been playing infrequently lately due to being very busy so I think it just started after I bought City Living. I opened up a save I hadn't played in a while and intended to move them to the new city. They were asleep so I got them up, had them take a vacation, and got them fed in preparation for the move. Once they had finished eating I had them WooHoo in the observatory one last time since they wouldn't be able to have one in an apartment and as soon as they finished that one of them went for the workbench. I went into build mode to pack up the things I wanted to bring with them to the new lot and after I exited build mode the other one went for the work bench. I canceled that and packed up the workbench and moved them to the arts district. Once I got them moved they each were taking turns at the work bench during the welcome wagon event and when they weren't at it the guests were making sculptures on it.


So far I haven't noticed them neglecting needs but with triple boost in effect their needs were decaying slowly. They also have the gaming mat from the tech guru career reward and they were just as happy to autonomously get on that as well. Basically if I leave them to their own devices they alternate between the gaming mat and the workbench.

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Re: [OPEN] Sims Obsessed with Workbench

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I 100 % confirm this bug. I have a workbench in my apartment and my sims use nothing else. The same thing occurs with athletic sims and basketball.

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Re: [OPEN] Sims Obsessed with Workbench

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Yes, mine too. I've had workbenches in my households forever, but my sims never paid much attention to them. Now they stand in front of the thing and make one sculpture after another after another to the point of exhaustion. When I rotate to another household, every workbench available has a sim already standing at it with a sculpture queued and ready to go. It's kind of creepy, lol! 

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Re: [OPEN] Sims Obsessed with Workbench

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I have sims obsessed with it too.  I put one at the park and the NPCs are always there.  My own sims have heaps of knife blocks and little statues in their inventories.  I usually let them go at it because it builds their handy skills but I have to watch them.  They will go there when their fun is low but then it never builds fun for them.

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Re: [OPEN] Sims Obsessed with Workbench

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Can confirm this is happening to me now and I also have City Living. Like others have mentioned, I have to put the workbench in my house inventory to avoid it blackholing my sims into woodworking oblivion.

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Re: [OPEN] Sims Obsessed with Workbench

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I too am having this problem.  I have watched and most of my afflicted sims  do pee, eat and sleep, but that's about it.  At first I thought it was great that my sim was making guitars, but that was all he was doing.  So I let him make a few, now I take the bench away and later, after the flea market, he can have his bench back for a couple of sim days.  But, like I said, I had to take it away from him.


The same with my other sims.  This just started happening in my game after the pre-CL patch.

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Woodworking table in constant use

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My Sims will not leave the woodworking table. They will craft an item again and again until their needs are so bad that they will abandon the project to care for themselves. Then they head right back to it. Sometimes there are multiple Sim's projects overlapping each other. I scraped 4 items overlapping on the WW table just to get down to the fifth one that the current Sim was working on. I didn't think the woodworking table could be used if there was an item already on it. I had to delete the WW table because my Sims won't do anything else. They sometimes cancel an action to use the WW table.


No mods or CC

Happens on old and new saves

deleted cache

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