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[FIXED] [S] No Trick or Treating during holiday

by Sigzy05

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Re: [OPEN] [S] No Trick or Treating during holiday

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I also get zero trick-or-treaters with the "Trick or Treat" holiday tradition. Not a single one.


Doesn't matter which neighborhood, region or household, if there's a bowl etc. I have all the DLC. And zero mods. All the other traditions like the Bunny work fine.


I saw another thread here from a month ago with people having the same problem. Did something happen in a recent update?

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Re: No Trick or Treating during holiday

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I have this same issue. Tested Spooky Day with Trick or Treat tradition several times, both with Seasons and Spooky Stuff enabled, and just with Seasons. I have never had a trick or treater show up. The holiday will complete successfully due to celebrating the other traditions, but the Trick or Treat tradition never completes. When playing just with Seasons & the Holiday Pack (but no SS), I actually had a teen show up at the door. However, it turned out that he was just stopping by to introduce himself. There was no trick or treat animation, nor was he in costume, so I got excited for nothing!


@SimGuruKuxiku - not sure if you need additional saves, but here's my testing save for Trick or Treat missing. The Waters household is queued to the morning of Spooky Day. Let me know if you need any other info.

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Re: No Trick or Treating during holiday


Child and Teen Sims are now spawning to knock on doors during the holiday season with trick or treat.

Fixed in Patch 1.58.63

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