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[FIXED] [S] Christmas tree decorations only partially appearing

by KonekoFoxglove

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Re: [OPEN] [S] Christmas tree decorations only partially appearing

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I had/have this problem too.

If the room is too small, if the tree is near to anything (like a ceiling lamp, decoration, gift pile, wall) some of the tree decorations don't show up. But I find the solution to be having a big room and putting the tree in the middle and no stuff near it. Of course this isn't ideal for some sims with smaller homes, but at least it's worth a try.

Decorating the tree is such a nice feature I didn't even dream possible, hope it can be fixed Standard smile

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Re: [OPEN] [S] Christmas tree decorations only partially appearing

EA Staff

Hi everyone!


Is someone experiecing this issue in a fresh save without any mods/cc?


If so, please send us your save file! Instructions here:


Thank you very much!

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Re: [OPEN] [S] Christmas tree decorations only partially appearing

EA Sims Team

We've discovered what's causing this.  While we investigate this further, a possible workaround is to make sure there's nothing too close to the tree, including nearby wall decorations.

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Re: [OPEN] [S] Christmas tree decorations only partially appearing

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Same here.

Last winterfest I had an issue with the grand meal, but none with the christmas tree set against the wall but not in a corner. All decorations showed up just fine, but I couldn't for the life of me call for grand meal with both dishes I cooked.

Now this season, in a new house (I left the apartment 'cause I was upset the neighborhood didn't get holiday decorations - city people put lights on their balconies thank you very much !!), no issues with the grand meal, I was able to call for it with the prepared dishes and complete the goal. Yes the house is different, but the kitchen is very similar as it's wide and open, so I really don't get what triggers the "call for grand meal interaction", my counters and tables aren't placed with bb.moveobjects or anything. So anyway, no issues with the meal, but the christmas decorations on the tree were close to none, and I first I actually thought it was my sims not doing the interactions! Turns out, they just didn't show, I only got the placemat under the tree and the star at the top, no garlands or lights. And...The tree was in the corner of the room, so I tried changing places thinking it could be an issue (even though I had previously removed the ceiling lights to be able to place the tree and all that), but still nothing. It's currently outside, I want to see if deleting the decorations to try again would work but probably not...


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Re: [TO TEST] [S] Christmas tree decorations only partially appearing


  • Sims will no longer have difficulty decorating the Ever Delightful Evergreen Holiday Tree when it’s placed adjacent to certain wall decorations.

Fixed in Patch 1.47.49

Happy Gaming


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