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Re: Random Sims walking into house

by crinrict

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Re: Random Sims walking into house

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I'm seeing this problem again too, after it had been previously eliminated (a couple of times, I think).

Yes, you can lock your doors to only your family, but this isn't an optimal permanent solution. You then have to unlock the door whenever you want to invite anyone over. I'd really rather just not have random sims walking into my house than have to lock my doors at all times.

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Re: Random Sims walking into house

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Soccer ballYou could click the "X" on one of the current lot traits and a panel will open up to choose a new lot trait. You can choose the 'Private Dwelling' lot trait.

FootballDo you have a roommate? Roommates will invite others over autonomously and they will just walk in and make themselves at home.

BasketballPlease check all sims in the household to make sure none of them has a relationship with this Sim. Sometimes that can make them welcome when you didn't realize it.

(4)Is anyone in the household a celebrity? Others just come on in in that situation as well.

(5)If the sim is in Sulani that can be the issue. The way they look at neighborly social interaction and welcome into the lot/home os more open and works a bit differently by default there.

Finally, if it isn't any of those, then by chance it's a current bug. There is a thread for it since last year and it seems to be continuing to current. Here is the link.

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Re: Random Sims walking into house

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Invited NPC will now leave… eventually. You know that saying that some visitors start smelling like rotten fish after a certain amount of time? We had to tell the NPCs that well, they were a problem so now they should be leaving appropriately.


Fixed in Patch 1.76.81/ 1.4.

If you're still experiencing this issue, please create a new thread.


TBH, I suspect a new thread shorty :D 



Anyways, there's a few threads that are specific for this issue for random visitors still open. I'll link them later as I need to search for them all. Please use those first if you can identify the cause.


If not, please try to describe as thorough as possible what you did.


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