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[FIXED] [PH] Obsessive Dish Washing

by Monsarona

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Re: [OPEN] [PH] Obsessive Dish Washing

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the neat trait does this to them now as well as the manners trait

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Re: [OPEN] [PH] Obsessive Dish Washing

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My doctor sim keeps walking away from patients at work while I'm adding medical tests to the queue to wash non-existent dishes.  He has good manners and responsible traits with perfectionist, bookworm, and genius.

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Re: [OPEN] [PH] Obsessive Dish Washing

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Still an ongoing thing (bug?) with kids always want to clean dishes on sinks even if there are no dishes.

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Re: [FIXED] [PH] Obsessive Dish Washing

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Sims with maxed manners will no longer queue up wash dishes repeatedly.
  • Dang it… does this mean I have to wash my own dishes now?

 This issue was fixed in Patch 1.40.61

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