[FIXED] [OR] [ECO] Sims constantly making De-Stressing Decoction

by rebeccah101

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Spontaneously makes "de=stressing concoction" a few times every hour

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Product: The Sims 4
Which language are you playing the game in? English
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
What is your current game version number?
What expansions, game packs, and stuff packs do you have installed? all of them
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? normal gameplay, it happens the whole time I am playing
What happens when the bug occurs? My sim will go to make the "de-stressing concoction" on every grill they can find in all areas there is a grill. Even with autonomy off.
What do you expect to see? I expect him to not make the same remedy over and over spontaneously ruining the game play.
Have you installed any customization with the game, e.g. Custom Content or Mods? Never used.
Did this issue appear after a specific patch or change you made to your system? Yes
Please describe the patch or change you made. Eco lifestyle or the June update

I even turn autonomy off and my sim will still spontaneously stop what they are doing and go make a "de-stressing concoction" on any grill. He doesn't have any herbalism skill at all, doesn't have the ingredients, has not discovered the walking stick and get not experience skill points from doing it. Sometimes he does finish making the remedy, but most times he stops and walks away leaving a pot on the grill. Does it 5 or 6 times in a few real life hours. Its always the same herbal remedy. I don't know how to stop it. 

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] [OR] [ECO] Sims constantly making De-Stressing Decoction

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The Flower Bunny just tried making the de-stressing decoction and set my house on fire.


Please make it stop.


Make it stop.


Oh god, make it stop.


06-18-20_2-25-22 PM.png

06-18-20_2-26-44 PM.png

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] [OR] [ECO] Sims constantly making De-Stressing Decoction

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@PansekshuElle I shouldnt laugh...but yet I did. Why that remedy? its always that remedy! You are the 4th person i know who has shared my dilemma.
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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] [OR] [ECO] Sims constantly making De-Stressing Decoction

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You can laugh. It is funny. :P


The irony of lighting themselves on fire while making a de-stressing remedy is not lost on me. 

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] [OR] [ECO] Sims constantly making De-Stressing Decoction

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The De-Stressing Concoction is triggered by the Self-Sufficiency NAP.  It should only be NPCs doing it (which I suppose would include the Flower Bunny, lol).  Unfortunately, there's a bug where played Sims can pick up autonomous behaviours intended only for NPCs.  It happens when a Sim is on a lot as an NPC (either visiting the active family, or just walking by, or being visited by the active family), and the player switches households.  The NPC behaviours aren't cleared as they should be when the Sim leaves the lot normally, so they stick around (more or less) forever.


There are three ways that I know of to fix it:


  1. Mods: @simvasion has a couple of mods to fix NAP-related problems.  Google "Simvasion mods"
  2. Using cheats:
    1. Play a different family
    2. Invite the affect Sim(s) over
    3. Ctrl-Shift-C and type "testingcheats enable"
    4. Shift-click the mailbox and select "Instant Enact Neighborhood Action Plan (Cheat)..." - select the NAP they're affected by
    5. Shift-click the mailbox and select "Instant Repeal Neighborhood Action Plan (Cheat)..." - select the NAP you just enacted
    6. Ctrl-Shift-C and type "testingcheats disable"
    7. Continue playing
  3. Temporarily disable the EP.  This is a very destructive method (it removes all items from the pack that you've used in CAS or building, and completely resets Evergreen Harbor).  I did this last week, and it worked, but with two other effective workarounds now, I wouldn't recommend it anymore.

Once your Sims are fixed, they can still possibly get "re-infected" any time you switch households (unless you use Simvasion's mods).  Keep that in mind when playing with NAPs, especially with NPC voting on.

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] [OR] [ECO] Sims constantly making De-Stressing Decoction

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@Raynn0124 ...? Do you work for the studio? Why are you answering this post? It's a bug. Read all of the posts. Everyone who comes over has been doing this and lighting my house on fire, not just the Flower Bunny, and it started before any NAPs were enacted. I already have the mod, and it doesn't work. And no thanks, I'm not destroying my saves to "fix" it.
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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] [OR] [ECO] Sims constantly making De-Stressing Decoction

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@PansekshuElle  this is Answers HQ, a site where players help other players.

You've said you have the mod and it doesn't work - do you have the version from 10 June? That didn't include a fix for sims that had already been bugged out. The newer version from 17 June does - so if you haven't tried that yet, download it again give it a try. It was only released two days ago.


EDIT to add:

  • If the Self-Sufficiency NAP is legitimately active in your neighbourhood, then making herbalism potions is one of the autonomous things pushed to NPCs visiting your house along with fishing, gardening and repairing by design (so that's not something the mod will change).
  • If you're still finding it being too spammy, and it's not being caused by the bug where NPC visitors are doing it when you don't have Self-Sufficiency active in your house, then I'm sure the devs would value your feedback right here saying that it should be changed. At the moment, I think the only potion that NPCs can ever make autonomously is the de-stressing decoction - it's basically a copy of the Hermit from Granite Falls' behaviour, except that this one triggered by the NAP doesn't perform any appropriateness checks first to see if it's socially acceptable for guests to start cooking in your house.
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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] [OR] [ECO] Sims constantly making De-Stressing Decoction

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@simvasion Thanks for letting me know about the new version. I really appreciate modders. I also strongly believe no one should have to install mods to make the game work.

This is the bug forum, not the help forum. We’re talking about the bug in question. I already said multiple times that this started happening before any NAPs were enacted, and that it’s EVERYONE doing it, not just the Flower Bunny or other NPCs. It’s a bug. I’m reporting the bug. I’m not even the OP of this thread—people are just jumping on the fact that I posted pictures of the Flower Bunny in my *second* post about people lighting my house on fire to say that NPCs are supposed to do this activity even though I keep saying it’s everyone doing it, including a dozen of my own Sims. It started before there were any NAPs, and it happens regardless of active NAPs, which was the bug reported in this thread. I’m not asking other players to explain this, bc I can read, and I read all of the posts on this subject before I posted. Replies that are not bug related dilute the thread, replies that shift focus from bugs to players are not helpful, and as much as I appreciate modders, it takes pressure off EA when you fix their work for them. You shouldn’t have to fix a bug in a game by a major studio. I appreciate that you do, but I just spent $40 on this.

There are so many things in this game that have never been fixed, and it’s extremely frustrating. Every new expansion comes with game breaking bugs. Every time, people say to delete all of my saves and start over. I shouldn’t have to do that. This isn’t the place to “give feedback” on something working as intended. This is a bug reporting thread. And since I’ve been posting in the bug report forum for years, I know someone is going to come in and say to move this discussion to the player forum, so can can we please focus on the bug.
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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] [OR] [ECO] Sims constantly making De-Stressing Decoction

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Update: this is what has been happening when my Sims actually try drinking the Decoctions. It's not a gif, the guy is raising his empty hand to his mouth over and over forever until I stop him. Anyone else?


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autonomously brewing herb potions

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so my sims are autonomously brewing herb potions and leaving them half way done on the stove and they dont have the herbs to do that, i can make them to finish doing it but is it normal? 

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