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Re: [OPEN] No family leave option

by ellamauii234

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Re: Family Leave

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Still having this issue in case anyone at EA or Maxis is concerned. Family leave option hasn't been available since like October or November of last year for me, and the issue has not changed. 

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Re: Family Leave

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Same issue for me!
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Re: Family Leave

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I've never had family leave available, just a notification. When I check the phone the only option is to take a vacation day. I ended up aging up my sim from baby to toddler and hiring a nanny, which still doesn't help, because if they go to daycare or are with the nanny it is like they don't care for them, most of their needs are in the red when my sims get home.


Please fix this bug EA -- no family leave available.

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Re: [OPEN] No family leave option

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I'm also having this problem
My Sims are in the Culinary Career (Dad) and in the Business Career (Mom) 
I don't have the Get famous expansion pack and I don't use any mods or CC

I have noticed that your unable to take a vacation when the next day is the Sims day off.

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Re: [OPEN] No family leave option

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I have noticed my Sims are unable to take a vacation if the next day is their day off.

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Re: [OPEN] No family leave option

@cheeseyname Vacation days aren't available until 24 hours before the work time. It should become available when the next day is a work day.

The no parental leave time is definitely a bug, though. Make sure you've clicked the "Me Too" button on the first post.

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Re: Family Leave

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I have this issue as well. (Latest household it happened in is with a style influencer/art critic home). It really needs a fix asap.
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Re: [OPEN] No family leave option

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My sim in the gardening career never had the option to take family leave either. She always works from home, so it's not a big deal though. 

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Re: [OPEN] No family leave option

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Same with me. Not only isfamily leave not showing up but also vacation days. There has been so many bugs since the last patch idk whats going on...

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Re: [OPEN] No family leave option

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Has anyone contacted any of the Gurus about this issue? I know that they will say "well ok make sure to put it in the report a problem area" but I just thought it may be a good idea to let one of them know. Maybe not Grant or Kate as they work on future projects maybe one of the other gurus on twitter. I have tried getting onto twitter but I've lost my phone and because I'm from Australia I seem to never be able to chat with any of them on twitter directly due to the time difference. I thought I should also point out that going back to my post, I don't remember if I mentioned it but I do not run any custom content in the sims 4. This bug seems to be affecting a lot of people and is not just an issue with people with custom content. I have also noticed is that pets have started taking over the interaction que again with them wanting to be petted. I remember this was an issue in a previous version of the game. For those who don't remember or don't know, if you owned a cat or a dog, the pet would spam you sims' interaction que with one interaction "pet ___" it would make it so that the active sims' que would be full and would not be able to que any more tasks. After a lot of reports, this was eventually patched up. But I have noticed that this has also been undone by the latest patch.

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