Re: [FIXED] No Wrinkles on Elders/Adults

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Re: No Wrinkles on Elders

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I think it is. Muscle definition is, so I guess this one too.
I still have to check next time I open my game. Just to be sure I'm not just used to no wrinkles at this point.
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Re: [FIXED] No Wrinkles on Elders/Adults

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I had the same issue with the game. I just noticed how easy things work in a game. When you have wrinkles just change the mode and the wrinkles will disappear, but unfortunately is not like this in real life.

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Re: [FIXED] No Wrinkles on Elders/Adults

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Hi @AlexMoore007,

This bug was patched a few years ago. If it's returned for you, could you open a new, current thread with up-to-date information please? I'll close this older report out to limit necroposting.




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