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[FIXED] NPC Phone call event triggers male to become pregnant

by Serabee

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] NPC Phone call event triggers male to become pregnant

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Same thing happened to me.  Only the sim to call my Sim was Geoffrey Landgraab.  He called...should we have a baby?  I said, "Go for it."  I invited him over a few days later to knock up my trans female who I'm doing the 100 baby challenge with and he was pregnant....big and pregnant.  Who would of thunk it?


My sim, Unique Queen, with Geoffrey Landgraab


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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] NPC Phone call event triggers male to become pregnant


@leanteamqueen, probably not, since this is happening in the game even for people who never choose these options, and also for Sims that are pre-made in the game who came with the base game before these pregnancy options were added in a later patch.Wink  But that is a good guess. Standard smile

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] NPC Phone call event triggers male to become pregnant

@SweetPickles1220 - That's funny Large smile Was Geoffrey able to get your sim pregnant for the challenge? Just wondering if the "try for baby" option was there while he was pregnant.

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] NPC Phone call event triggers male to become pregnant

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Yes he was but it took 2 tries sorry for the delayed response

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Cletus Harris - Pregnant?!

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So basically I had my female sim date Jeb Harris from the Harris family in evergreen Harbour. Whilst Jeb was living in my household (past tense because he just recently died from laughter, another strange occurrence in this game I'm playing 😂), he gets a phone call from his father Cletus Harris asking if him and his mother should try for another child. Options popped up, and I picked the one that said yes. Flash forward a bit, and Cletus has just walked past my female sim, and HE is the one carrying the baby?!

Anyone else had this phenomena happen? Alien abduction? Coincidence? I'm Interested to hear anyone's theories on this happening lol. 


P.s, Just to note, I have no mods on this game. Standard smile 

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Re: Cletus Harris - Pregnant?!

@Treble_Maker1114 I've merged your post into the bug report for this issue. Please click the "Me Too" button on the bottom of the first post on the first page of the thread.

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Re: Cletus Harris - Pregnant?!

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Just had this one happen to me (or noticed for the first time). My sim is BFFs with Justin Delgato and he's called three times so far to ask about having a baby. I've said yes all three times. The first time I visited and there was a single baby, the second time were twin babies and today I visited and he was pregnant. Wasn't sure if it was an aftermath of Error 134 (I haven't been able to play for a month and the question popped up before the error), or if this has been happening the whole time and I just didn't know because I never saw him early enough.


Also, he went into labour while I was there - my sim got the Pre-Parental Panic moodlet, but he never gave birth. About four or five bassinets spawned as he wandered around the house, but no baby.

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Re: [OPEN] NPC Phone call event triggers male to become pregnant

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@SerabeeJust to confirm, if you use mods and/or allow same sex pregnancies, male sims WILL unlock that achievement w/o alien involvement. I've had it many times!


ETA: I also recently saw someone in my Sims 4 facebook group talk about experiencing this same glitch. 

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Pregnant male (no mods, no "Get to Work")

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So this is a first - I have a married couple I imported from the gallery (Mulder and Scully from the X-Files, in fact).  I had not yet played these sims, they were just living in my sims town.  One day Mulder calls up a Sim I'm playing, to ask her opinion on whether him and his wife should have a baby.  I respond with "go for it" and he says "great!  We're expecting!".  So I'm guessing this is new to the game, because I've never seen it happen before (but for the record I think it's a GREAT way to see new babies enter the game without having to manually play the couples and tell them to try for baby).  So I'm watching this couple for the next while, and no belly forms on Scully.  I even log into them to see, no pacifier indicating pregnancy, no "pregnancy test" option on the toilet, so I'm thinking "Oh well, just a glitch I guess".  So fast forward a small while later....and MULDER is expecting the baby.  He proceeds to give birth and everything, to his and Scully's baby.  No intervention on my part (other than weighing in when he "called" my sim).  I have no mods, I don't have the "get to work" expansion with aliens, and I double checked and his sim is not set to be able to become pregnant.  I mean, Mulder from X-Files would probably LOVE an alien baby, but this is totally just his and Scully's.  Not a glitch I'm complaining about, I think it's kind of hilarious.  But has anyone else had this happen!?!?  

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Re: Pregnant male (no mods, no "Get to Work")

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When you answer this in the positive then the sim calling gets pregnant.

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