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[FIXED] Multiple Toddler/Sims issues with eating/sleeping/stuck toys

by quantic_sakura

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Re: sims won't put down what they're holding


HI @AnneSims34 


are you using any mods/cc in your game ? 


There's a known issue for toddlers but sounds like it's all Sims for you ?

Happy Gaming


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Please only contact me via PM when asked to do so.

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT/A] Toodlers unable to drink from sippy cups

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Have we heard anything from devs yet?  I haven't even seen this issue pop up on Sims youtube channels yet...  Which is confusing as it's been happening for days now.

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Re: sims won't put down what they're holding

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I don't have mods or cc. It was just toddlers at first with toys, but today I was playing my two young adult sims kept having the same issue with a book and bowls of salad. When I reset them the book would appear on the floor but the salad bowls would turn invisible until my sims cleaned up other dishes. 

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Re: [OPEN] Multiple Toddler issues with eating/sleeping/stuck toys

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Same issue here. Also any time one of my other kids interacts with the toddlers who are stuck, they get stuck. All my kids missed school yesterday and it’s making my 100 baby challenge impossible.

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Re: [OPEN] Multiple Toddler issues with eating/sleeping/stuck toys

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I'm also having this issue (though I use an ea account with a different email/name for ts4 -- since my partner's computer is the only one that can support TS4 rn), but it's generalizing to other ages of Sims in my game (I have base game + the free holiday stuff pack and the June 18th update with no CC/mods though I do have sims downloaded from the gallery in the game [always ones without CC and BGC]).


The common denominator seems to be 'object from prior activity stuck to hand'.


Toddlers it happens most often to and most consistently (plates and/or toys), but it will happen with some adults (I had the Baez family mother keep getting stuck while trying to complete her mixology aspiration -- she kept getting stuck holding the drink she was making and not putting it down about 70% of the time) and children (I had the same issue with the daughter in the family when she went off to school still holding her artwork from the activity table [i told her to put it in her inventory right before school and then the game sent her to school automatically still holding it]). 

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Re: [OPEN] Multiple Toddler issues with eating/sleeping/stuck toys

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Experienced this too. The only thing  that fixed it for me was reseting the sim.

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Re: [TO ADD] Toddlers stuck with Toys/Books after update

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@Uncanny_Meerkat wrote:

This happened to me too.   I found the resetSim method from EA Help worked for me:


1) Open the cheat window by pressing CTRL + Shift + C. Hold all these keys at the same time to open the window.


2) Type resetSim Firstname Lastname and click Enter.

    Make sure you enter the name of the Sim you want to reset.

    For example: If you want to reset Gobias Koffi, type: resetSim Gobias Koffi, and press Enter.


N.B.  This won't reset them to zero, just make them playable again.

This worked for me. Gaaahd I was having troubles with this. And the food/plates were the worst, I had to not save the game just to go back and have the same problem. But this is awesome.

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT/A] Toddlers stuck with Toys/Books after update

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@EllaMcNaugh YES! All of my toddlers are having the hardest time finishing a meal. I have learned if you have cheats turned on. You press shift then click on a toddler and reset them while the toddler is holding the plate of food they can pick it up and start to eat it again. Also with things that have been lost usually are floating in their air somewhere around the house. Just doing a quick reset of the toddler allows them to sleep, potty again for some time. I hope Sims releases a fix soon for this. My 100 baby challenge should be going so much more smoother than it is!!!
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Re: [TO ADD] Toddlers stuck with Toys/Books after update

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The ResetSim cheat works, however, it doesn't solve the issue 100%. You can repeat the bug after resetting the Sim occasionally (that's what happened to me with one toddler and the Baez mother), which makes me suspect there's a codeloop somewhere related to 'inventory-able object stuck in hand' (glasses, plates, kids artwork, toys, occasionally books are the items triggering it for me). 

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Re: [TO ADD] Toddlers stuck with Toys/Books after update

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Same here.

And there are a lot of other issues about toddler.

My main sim can’t put toddler to bed because she thought she can’t walk to there.(She had a thought bubble with failing routing pic. )

But another sim in the house can put toddler to the bed with no problem.


Sims pick up toddler and put down toddler frequently.

Sims put toddler in toddler chair and start talking with toddler. (That’s unnecessary because they could just talk with them without moving toddlers to the chair. )

Sims frequently freeze when I told them to interact with toddlers.


I hope the guru can fix toddlers, it’s very annoying and give us bad gaming experience.

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