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[FIXED] Multiple Toddler/Sims issues with eating/sleeping/stuck toys

by quantic_sakura

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Re: [OPEN] Multiple Toddler/Sims issues with eating/sleeping/stuck toys

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My current solution with toddlers has been working well, however I've noticed another side effect of the glitch.


I only feed my toddlers produce out of their inventory.  If I have to reset them as a child, teen, etc.  the produce they ate as a toddler appears all over the floor.  Sometimes this happens when I manually debug them, however other times it seems to occur randomly.  The random times appear to be as a result of the game recognizing an exception.  I don't know this 100%, but the produce dump only happens after something gets stuck (i.e. skill level meter doesn't go away when sim stops the action, a canceled action with another sim doesn't disappear from their queue, etc.).


Screenshots of produce dump attached.

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Re: [OPEN] Multiple Toddler/Sims issues with eating/sleeping/stuck toys

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All my tots produce disappears completely. That's a lot of money down the drain. 


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Yeah it works pretty well. I just wish I didn't have to use mods to play.

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Re: [OPEN] Multiple Toddler/Sims issues with eating/sleeping/stuck toys

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@crinrictquantic_sakura I'm also having this issue, but anytime I reset sim to fix it, they "age up" (as in the bassinet shows up as if they never aged to toddler) and the issue is re-occurring which makes playing toddlers annoying and difficult (more than usual) and having more than one toddler in a household has become a nightmare with these issues.
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Re: Toddler glitch since Island Living.

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I haven't noticed the toy, but the over all "symptoms" of my toddler are the same: refuses to sit in high chair, refuses to eat (plops down to eat, then gets back up), gets taken out of the tub almost immediately (parent actually freezes for a moment, then takes kid out of the tub), refuses to sleep, etc...


I basically can't play any family with children right now. I already lost one kid to child services because of this glitch, so I started my household anew and same issue as soon as child ages up from infant to toddler. This glitch has been out for almost a month. I hope the dev team can solve it soon.

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Re: [TO ADD] Toddlers stuck with Toys/Books after update

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I have problems feeding my tods, or putting them to sleep. 

As soon as they grab something, especially if it is a toy, they are unable to interact with. Every action taken, lasts for about a second, before it is cancelled. 

Giving them a bath, not possible. 

Feeding them, not possible. 

Putting them to sleep, not possible. 


Not even restating the game helps, once they grabbed something!

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Re: [TO ADD] Toddlers stuck with Toys/Books after update


  • Fixed an issue where objects were getting stuck on toddler’s hands.

Fixed in Patch 1.53.115


I'm going to lock this as it has a large me too count and there were several issues with toddlers.


If you are still experienceing ANY issues, please create a new thread.


There's probably still issues with the sippy cups, you can post here for that:

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