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Re: Toddler glitch since Island Living.

by cowntessa

Original Post

Re: [OPEN] Multiple Toddler/Sims issues with eating/sleeping/stuck toys

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@QueenHyena21 I think this "things stuck on toddlers" is fairly new, as I have encountered it only after the newest expansion. But still, it is really frustrating that you need to reset your toddler time and time again just to get them to function..
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Re: [OPEN] Multiple Toddler/Sims issues with eating/sleeping/stuck toys

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I am also having these issues.
-Toddlers stuck with objects in their hands. Including toys, books, and plates which results in the inability to eat.
-A constant placing of the plates onto tables, to pick it up in an attempt to eat, but instead, put the plate right back onto the table. 
-Parents placing the toddlers into the highchair to feed them, placing the food in front of them, and then removing them from the highchair immediately after. 
-Sims completely dropping everything in their queue to remove the toddler from the highchair also keeping it from eating. 
-Toddlers needs completely bottoming out due to these issues.
-Sims getting stuck in the undress/redress animation when showering.

-Sims getting into the shower, just to get right back out.

-Sims bathing the toddlers, basically dunking them and then removing them from the tub right away.


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Re: [OPEN] Toddlers stuck with Toys/Books after update

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My child was taken away from being neglected. The parents tried to feed her but she kept putting the food down to play with the toy. 

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Re: [OPEN] Multiple Toddler/Sims issues with eating/sleeping/stuck toys

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@PansekshuElleThe Fix works for two special toddler consume Food Interactions (If you have the Food Addon installed as well) and it works fine so far in my Game. They can sleep/potty etc. after eating (and after the food gets "cloned" into their Inventory). It might not work for you for whatever reason but it does work in general. Not sure if you use any mods at all? If you do, did you test without any other mods/cc?



Not sure if the link will work but i uploaded a video of a test i made ingame with grilled cheese:

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Re: [OPEN] Multiple Toddler/Sims issues with eating/sleeping/stuck toys

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I made the mistake of trying to start the 100 baby challenge right after this patch. Ended up with 6 toddlers and had them taken away before I restarted and figured out that I had to reset the toddlers after they picked anything up and I wanted them to do something else. So great having to reset them every couple of minutes.

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Re: [OPEN] Multiple Toddler/Sims issues with eating/sleeping/stuck toys

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I haven't had some of these but have had similar things:


1. Parents that go to put food down for a toddler, and then the plate or bowl gets stuck to parents hands. Parent walks away and kid gets nothing to eat. Resetting parent gets them to drop the food.

2. Toddlers that stand up and sit down multiple times on a loop when trying to use the training potty. Resetting the toddler lets them go normally.

3. I will find toys floating in the air. See pic below for example. I will find toys all over the place and worse I cant grab and move them even in build mode. The only way I can clean them up from the house is to take a sim (anyone) and have them grab the object and put it in their inventory. THEN I can drag it out of inventory and put it away or elsewhere on the floor where its "normal" to be. THIS bug started right after the last update.



4. When toddlers go to bed they get in and out of the bed on a loop similar to the toilet. Resetting them lets them go to bed and to sleep normally.

5. In a 2 story house with the kitchen downstairs and toddlers room upstairs: A plate of food will be on a table or counter. Toddlers will go down stairs to get to it, pick it up and put in inventory, then go back upstairs to eat it, but once they get back upstairs the eat action will cancel out and then the toddler will go back downstairs (for no reason at all), the eat action will come up, then back upstairs to eat, then it cancels again and they go back downstairs, back and forth on a loop till they pass out from exhaustion. Resetting DOES NOT fix this, they just go back to the up and downstairs loop. The only way I am able to feed my toddlers is to drag a plate of food and put it right in front of them.

6. I have given up letting the parents put them in the high chair. The parent just takes them back out again in and out on a loop. I just put food on the floor and tell the kid to go eat it. 


Now all these problems only happen if I am actively playing the household. If I play as someone from another household then go to the other household with the kids and visit everything works fine. Parents put the kids in the highchair and feed them like they are supposed to, put to bed, bathing, and whatnot never has a problem. So something about the active play freaks everything out. 


For the most part if I play as the toddler I can get them help bathing and potty training. Everything else I have to use cheats to fix or fill their needs to avoid them being taken away. I have had problems with toddlers for months and have never been able to raise one properly with normal game play, but its been worse since the last update. I am to the point I just cheat to max all their skills so they can pretty much take care of themselves as parents and other caretakers are almost useless now to the point its not even fun. Lately as soon as a baby ages up to toddler I have been maxing all their skills an then all in the same sim day just go bake a cake and age them up to child and completely skip toddler. Which makes it hard to do any challenges or even attempt a normal "no cheating" game. Wondering

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Re: [OPEN] Multiple Toddler/Sims issues with eating/sleeping/stuck toys

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I have to reset my sims when this happens and it makes them drop it. however it then disappears until I go to cas or log out and come back in. then I have toys floating everywhere. it weird. ALSO, has anyone else had problems giving their toddlers drinks? They just put them in their inventory! or ignore it if I don't try to tell them to drink it (which again only gives the option of putting in their inventory)!

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Re: Toddler glitch since Island Living.

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Another thing you can do is press ctrl-shift-C and it will open a little text box in the corner... put testingcheats on (or) true and then it will say cheats enabled. Press Ctrl-shift- c to close it and hold shift as you click the sim. It will show reset object.. hit it and it will reset. If that doesn’t work, do it on the toy...

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Re: Toddler glitch since Island Living.

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@LivingMemoir You can also save the game when it gets stuck.. wait for the child to be taken away.. then exit with no saving. Open the game again and it should solve it.
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Re: Toddler glitch since Island Living.

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it doesn't matter if you have any toys around, if you feed the toddler they get the bottle/plate of food stuck in their inventory and it wont go away. it duplicates. resetting doesn't work. the glitch mod mssam made doesn't work for me. the adults have a similar issue where they can't do anything because books will get stuck in their hand/inventory or coffee or whatever, and makes them not functional.

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