[FIXED] [MSP] Fashion Photographer: Don't get approved pics back

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Re: [FIXED] [MSP] Fashion Photographer: Don't get approved pics back

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I'm having this issue too. It's very frustrating because I was really excited about this new career. I always wished they would focus on photography more and make it more lucrative and now they have but with this bug it's absolutely unplayable.

The first time I encountered this bug, (only a few days ago) I had submitted a portrait for a level 1 photography gig. I got the approval but never received the photo back. A few failed attempts later, and after reading that landscapes were apparently working, I tried it that way and did receive my photos (multiple) back. However, I never, in any of my attempts, got credit for the photos being approved even though I got the confirmation that they were, and when I got my landscapes back, I had the option to "post to fashion simstagram" and I did so multiple times with all of my approved photos but still never received credit for the action so naturally, the gig failed and I was unable to complete it.

So very frustrating since this was a career that I have been praying to the Sim Gods about for quite some time. I'm a photographer IRL so I was super excited to take my self sim to an all new level of realism. Hope they fix this soon.

Side note: I do play with mods (a lot of them) and I did NOT test this bug on a mod free game. I had planned to at some point but everyone else who has says it doesn't fix it anyway so... meh.

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Re: [FIXED] [MSP] Fashion Photographer: Don't get approved pics back

@amy_apocalypse This issue is supposed to be fixed. If you updated your game, removed your mods/cc and still have it, please create a new thread.

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Re: [FIXED] [MSP] Fashion Photographer: Don't get approved pics back

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You guys get to submit a photo, I can't even do that the 1st task is completed but it says when I go to the computer to freelancer. I hover over and it says that I need a photo in inventory.

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