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[FIXED] Lost Superstar Abilities after patch! Please Help!

by cyraxx99

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Re: [Known Issue] Lost Superstar Abilities after patch! Please Help!

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i have submitted so many cases and have dealt with several ea reps on this glitch error as i have been patiently waiting for it to be corrected and to receive back all my training lost and i have been just lied to or told to do different things each time i have talked to a ea rep. and they all say something different and are not sure what is right and wrong,  they also cant assist or help at all as each time its over 2-3 hours each call and i must be close to a dozen so far,  today i was hung up on after 2.5 hours and had to wait another 1.5 for a call back and have another 1hr conversation and to be placed on hold only to say sorry we cant help you,  what????????   this is so not right ea and i have spent so much money on pack training etc and am owed a minimun 20-25k training and want to be compensated for all these lies and hours wasted and how i just been lied to so many times and i cant get help or assistance in anyway. it really pisses me off how i see and talked to and read among the thousandssss of madden community and how they got 25-50k in extra training for nothing or lost no abilities and got all training etc.  it seems you have given away players who have paid real money for packs cards training and stole it and gave it back not to us and compensate us for this error/glitch but given it to other players for free,  ea im very upset and pissed off how such a huge company would do this and treat me,  so not cool and really a horrible worst customer service i have ever had a issue with a company,   all i been asking for is fix this and do the right thing, not to ignore me and close each of my cases.





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Re: [FIXED] Lost Superstar Abilities after patch! Please Help!

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@cyraxx99 My Slot apprentice is not work for my second Wr. @EA_Blueberry
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