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[FIXED] In-Season Plants revert to dirt piles (Patch 1.68)

by leaa_ju

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Re: Gardening not fixed with patch

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Thank you. I will try this unsightly suggestion.

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Re: Gardening not fixed with patch

@Jan_831 Could be this issue:

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Re: Gardening not fixed with patch

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@crinrict The problem is very similar but when I hover over the plant it does say it is dead. The ones that disappear say perfect even though they are only piles of dirt. I replanted my pomegranate tree and even though I have the sparkle to evolve, evolve does not come up as an option and the plant has stayed at normal.
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Re: [OPEN] In-Season Plants revert to dirt piles (Patch 1.68)

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Patchversion  1.68


All except: Snowy Escape, Journey To Batuu, Spooky Stuff, My First Pet Stuff


I’ve made the same experience: all or some plants revert to dirt piles: at 7:00am and/or when the sims interact with them.  I’ve tried diffrent things to get rid of this problem and one thing was to delete all plants, flowers, fruits etc. in fridges and chests  from earlier patchversions. It seems like the harvest from the gameversion before the Eco Lifestyle patch was released is somehow connected with this issue in my game. But I don’t know for sure. Two simweeks have passed and the garden is fine. I don’t know if the problem is solved for me, I have to find it out when I play my other families. So far it works for three families.

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Re: [OPEN] In-Season Plants revert to dirt piles (Patch 1.68)

For me it seems like any time a nonowner interacts with them, they go poof. Gardeners, butlers, sometimes Patchy...even the stupid bees can cause it. But I do have a shiny list for you, from both a prepatch save, and a postpatch save lol. Watering usually seems to be the winner - I've seen more go poof to dirt piles when someone waters than anything else.


PrePatch List:


Green Pea
Bird of Paradise
Bell Pepper
Green Bean
Plantain - so far.
PostPatch List:
Growfruit - so far.
I have seasons, all packs but Baatu. I also attached a photo of my poor sims garden - entirely sheltered, btw.
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Re: [OPEN] In-Season Plants revert to dirt piles (Patch 1.68)

EA Sims Team

Sul sul everyone!

We're still investigating this issue but if people are willing to share save files with us that would actually help our team a lot!

Here's a link to the instructions on how to send save files to our team.

Thanks all and Happy Simming!

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Re: [OPEN] In-Season Plants revert to dirt piles (Patch 1.68)

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@SimGuruKuxikuHere's a save file where the green smoke disappeared, the plants are there, but when my dude is doing the yard work (should be in mid-work at save open) they just disappear.

My User Name: ThisDudeSims (Origin username and TS4 gallery/username)

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Plants resetting

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After the latest update and batch fix. I noticed that every time I go to water or weed my plants they reset

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Re: [NEEDS SAVES] In-Season Plants revert to dirt piles (Patch 1.68)

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  1. Do you own Seasons ? No
  2. Do you have large gardens ? Yes/No (in some households and not others yet issue persists in both)
  3. Does it matter which plant or does it happen to all of them ? All of them
  4. Did you plant the plants before or after Nov 11th Patch ? Not sure what year this is referring to, but I've only had the game since Feb/March 2020 and the plants have been planted since then and the issue has been persisting since about May/June 2020.

What is happening for me is whenever I go to water the plants, or do anything with them, the plants turn to mounds of dirt, as if I had never planted them, yet it still shows what plant I had there and the quality of the plant. I am on PS4 and this issue has been ongoing since at least May/June 2020. 


Product: The Sims 4
Platform: PS4
Which language are you playing the game in? English
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
What is your current game version number? 1.36
What expansions, game packs, and stuff packs do you have installed? Tiny Living
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Just wait until plants are fully grown and try to water them, they'll disappear but still show what plant was there and the quality of said plant despite it now being a dirt pile, this happened before I owned Tiny Living as well when it was just PS4 base game.
What happens when the bug occurs? My Sim will go to water the plants, then it'll water and turn into wet mounds of dirt. For me, any amount of plants results in this issue. I could have 1 plant or 50 and the issue still happens.
What do you expect to see? I expect my plants to NOT disappear, so I can can keep tending to them and evolve them.
Have you installed any customization with the game, e.g. Custom Content or Mods? Never used.
Did this issue appear after a specific patch or change you made to your system? Not that I can recall

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Re: Plants disapear

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1. I have Seasons (problem started right after installing and playing with it)

2. Fairly large garden and some other plants scattered around the house

3. It happens to all of them, no matter when I planted them (before/after installing Seasons) or where they are (inside/outside, in-season/sheltered) and it seemingly random

4. Some before, some after after Nov. 11 patch


I've plants revert back to dirt patches after my sim interacted with it (watering/fertilising/harvesting/etc.), after I moved them, after I placed a roof above them and sometimes without any of these so no known cause. I had to start saving every time I had a sim do gardening and had to save it periodically but sometimes I still couldn't catch all the plants in their original state. I don't see any correlation between the interactions with the plants and the reverting, it seems quite random. I haven't had any problems before installing Seasons, but it started literally right after I installed it.

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