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Re: [OPEN] [IL] Mermaid genetics dont work

by Sephirajo

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Re: [OPEN] [IL] Mermaid genetics dont work

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I noticed this happening as well, and hit "Me Too" on the thread a while back. However, I thought I'd do some serious testing on it today. Tested with the following:

  • ALL DLC's installed
  • No mods/CC installed
  • Brand new save game
  • No aging up or CAS cheats used--I used free real estate to buy their house, and had to reset one of the mothers once as she was glitched out with a book in her hand.
  • All parent Sims are identical, unrelated, and without family lineages.
  • One human female "mate" with the ability to get Sims pregnant via gender options
  • One human female Sim to be impregnated
  • One vampire female Sim to be impregnated
  • One mermaid female Sim to be impregnated
  • Impregnated mothers purely through vanilla gampelay means--Started as roommates in CAS, tried for baby on a double bed, didn't use cheats or music/consumables to impact pregnancy in any way.
  • Mothers had their babies at the hosiptal, and I didn't join them on the active hospital lot.
  • Offspring were all aged up to Young Adults through the "Age Up" option on the bassinet, then with a birthday cake.
  • All mothers and the mate were Young Adults.

Although two of my three babies were boys, and therefore slightly more difficult to see exact similarities between their mothers, it was apparent that both the human and vampire offsprings correctly inherited their mothers' genetics, while the mermaid offspring was completely and blatantly dissimilar. It appears the rumors of this bug affecting vampires as well as mermaids was incorrect, but mermaids definitely are being given randomly generated Sims for their babies.


Pics or it didn't happen, all linked down below. 


Female "mate", with ability to get Sims pregnant: 


Human mother:

Human-human offspring:

Mermaid mother:

Mermaid-human offspring:

Vampire mother:

Vampire-human offspring:



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Re: [OPEN] [IL] Mermaid genetics dont work

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I've had this issue too. Both my sims kids ended up looking like random townies now I wish I'd grabbed screenies before tweaking them to look more like their parents (both of which are mermaids)

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Re: [OPEN] [IL] Mermaid genetics dont work

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@SnowieSimmer edited cause i was wrong, youre right about vampires not being affected. there was an error in my testing the first time

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Re: [OPEN] [IL] Mermaid genetics dont work

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Hello, im experiencing the same genetic problems, between a mermaid ( female) and a human ( male). the babie has nothing to do with them. Is there any solution known yet? thankyou

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Re: [OPEN] [IL] Mermaid genetics dont work

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My pair of sims [Female Mermaid/Male Human] just had a baby, baby just aged up and he looked nothing like them and he has brown eyes, neither of them have brown eyes, they both have different shades of blue! he also had black poofy hair and both parents have brown flat hair, the only part of mother's genetics was the mermaid part, he is a mermaid but he looked nothing like them, I changed his appearance [as to what I could] so that he looked like them but can't change his eyes which is unfortunate

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Re: [OPEN] [IL] Mermaid genetics dont work

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I've been having the same problem with my mermaid family. I created the little mermaid, so both Eric and Ariel are light skinned like in the old disney version, but Melody was born dark-skinned and when I checked to see what her teenaged-self would look like, she looked nothing like either of her parents. Her little sister looked the exact same way. I had to go back and play with the genetics myself to try to make them look like their parents which I didn't mind too much, but it was a lot of work. If I play with genetics in CAS it works just fine, but not if they get pregnant and deliver the baby. 

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Re: [OPEN] [IL] Mermaid genetics dont work

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Just wanted to say that I've just played around with genetics after using Cas.fulleditmode on in the cheat window, you can create a child with what appear to be functioning genetics.  This does mean that you can't have a baby the ahhhh "organic" way, but there does seem to be a workaround for creating children that genetically resemble their parents.  I personally am considering deleting the old child and using a new one of the same age. I'm just going to close my eyes for a few seconds and then pretend like nothing happened, lol.


To do this the parents need to be in the same household and you don't have to delete the old child:


  1. Bring up cheat window Ctrl+Shift+C and type "testingcheats true" & hit enter....
  2. Now type "cas.fulleditmode on" & hit enter again.  You can now close the cheat window the same way you brought it up.
  3. Now Shift+click a household sim and select "Modify in CAS"
  4. Highlight either parent (doesn't matter if one is mermaid and one isn't or which one you click)
  5. Click the New Sim + button and select "Play With Genetics"
  6. Choose to create "Child" and then place the parents in their respective slots and press that Randomize button!  

Don't forget you can adjust the age down to toddler and change the sex, and what you do with the non-genetic child is up to you, but you can delete it by highlighting its thumbnail while you're still in CAS full edit and then click the X to delete.  You can always save them to your library  right before doing it (that download folder button at the top right) if you want to bring them back later in case you feel guilty afterwards Wink.

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Re: [OPEN] [IL] Mermaid genetics dont work

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I put a lot of time and effort into making my mermaids and am very disappointed with the offspring. The father has pale skin, glowing yellow eyes and pink hair; the mother had very dark skin, glowing white eyes and white hair. How on earth does that produce a child with medium skin tone, black hair and regular human black eyes... To see this thread and know that no one is able to enjoy the offspring either is very disappointing. 

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Re: [OPEN] [IL] Mermaid genetics dont work

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As I was really really looking forward to maybe doing SOMETHING with my mermaid characters, I have to say I'm extremely upset this wasn't addressed in the patch at ALL. I get occults aren't what most people use for game play, but yeah. 

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Re: [OPEN] [IL] Mermaid genetics dont work

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Exactly! I was very much looking forward for the patch to finally fix some bugs. Instead, I was very disappointed to see that it wasn't addressed at all in the patch. To think we have to wait another month until the next patch comes out makes it even worse. Island Living is unplayable for me right now, so yeah.

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