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Re: Starter Money Bug

by EuphorialQueen

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Re: Starter Money Bug

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I did test and posted in that thread:

""Testing after Patch 12Nov2019 with positive results.

I added Sims to households already in game. In each case household funds increased.

One was the Pancakes household which had 20k on hand.
Added two children and the result was 26k household funds.""

- EQ Avid Sims Player
I do not work for EA
All packs installed and patches are current.
PC / Win 10
Never used CC or mods.

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Re: [FIXED] Households with more than one Sim all start with 20k funds


Households downloaded from The Gallery should now have their starting funds set to the correct amount, and not just the base 20,000 Simoleons.


Fixed in Patch 1.59.73

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