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Re: [OPEN] Household Management: Sim Count is not correct

by crinrict

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Re: [OPEN] Household Management: Sim Count is not correct

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Maximum sim count/ House Shows 497 the max can be 80, 150 & 200 but it not that many in the game, what can I do short of restarting the game

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Re: [OPEN] Household Management: Sim Count is not correct

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I also seem to have the issue of having atm 147 sims in 3 families. They do however have long family lines already so I was thinking does the game count the deceased also? If so, how the heck am I supposed to "unfavorite" or otherwise get rid of them? Wouldn't want to delete a family tree I've lovingly builded Frown
No errors whatsoever so far. Having this issue since the latest patch/Cats&Dogs installation (Patched+installed at the same time).
Checked another save file with another family and there the count was at 0.
Running the game on Macbook Pro, OS X 10.9.5
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Re: [OPEN] Household Management: Sim Count is not correct


Dead Sims hiding in the Netherworld have also been a little troublesome lately. A dead Sim that hasn’t re-surfaced will no longer be counted toward the Sim Count in Manage Households. Phew! Thank goodness because that was a lot to count!

This was fixed in Patch 1.36.104

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