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Re: [OPEN] Getting likes/dislikes pop ups from sims not in household

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I'm waiting for the one that says something like "EA seems to be enjoying ignoring problems to release more packs. Does EA like ripping people off"?... well duh, of course, they love that! 


Seriously though, I'm definitely getting this too. For me it only seems to happen for inactive sims that I have played before. For example after starting over again recently my initial household ended up with 8 people in it, but after splitting one sim away and playing as them for a while I started getting the like/dislike notifications for the others from that initial household. I don't recall ever seeing it just pop up for a random sim I've never played though, then again I kinda just stopped reading them at one point and clicked the choice so they didn't end up liking or disliking anything.


Also not sure if there's a bug thread on it already, but I see too many of my sims doing things autonomously that they supposedly dislike. For example now that I've been playing just a single sim I split away from the initial household, I keep seeing her mother down at the gym even though the mom dislikes fitness. The daughter likes fitness so I take her to the gym frequently too, and almost every time the mom comes in to exercise.


I think the next new feature should be called "As Intended or Broken". It will bring up a pop up notification asking if a feature is working as intended or if it's broken, though the feature itself will be broken so it won't matter which one you select.

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Likes and Dislikes for Sims outside of my household?

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Product: The Sims 4
Which language are you playing the game in? English
How often does the bug occur? Occasionally (10% - 49%)
What is your current game version number? Current version (
What expansions, game packs, and stuff packs do you have installed? Cats and Dogs, City Living, Get to Work, Get Famous, Get Together, Seasons, Island Living, Snowy Escape, Dine Out, Jungle Adventure, Outdoor Retreat, Parenthood, Spa Day, Strangerville, Vampires, Backyard Stuff, Movie Hangout, Bowling Night Stuff, Cool Kitchen Stuff, Kids Room Stuff, Laundry Day, Spooky Stuff, Tiny Living, Vintage Glamour Stuff
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? I'm not sure, maybe try a sim created and played but not in your current household, and trigger a like/dislike pop up for the out of household sim while on the lot of your current household.
What happens when the bug occurs? A sim that is not currently in my household (but that I have played with and created) pops up with a like/dislike option box.
What do you expect to see? Only sims in my household should get like/dislike pop ups.
Have you installed any customization with the game, e.g. Custom Content or Mods? Not now. I've removed them.
Did this issue appear after a specific patch or change you made to your system? Neutral/Not Sure 

So as I was playing my game, a pop up for the like/dislikes for fishing appeared with a sim that isn't in my household. I created this sim and played with her for a while (she had CC hair, that's why she's bald, I no longer have any CC as of a few months ago) but I don't remember the last time I played with her. She was fishing at a location accessible by my sims at the time, a pond in Oasis Springs behind the Sultry Springside lot, but she is not in my household. My sims don't even know her. This is the first time this glitch has happened to me and I just thought it was so odd that I'd post it. Anyone else seen this bug?

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Re: [OPEN] Getting likes/dislikes pop ups from sims not in household

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I see this was posted a month ago, and I'm still having the same problem on PC! 

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Re: [OPEN] Getting likes/dislikes pop ups from sims not in household

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I'm having the same issue with NPC's preferences popping up. Doesn't matter if it's played or unplayed households. 


If you use mods like I do, and don't want to wait until EA fixes this, there's a free mod to stop that. If allowed, here's the link. It's mod # MM-175


If not allowed, apologies.

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Disable Likes/Dislikes Prompt

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Basically every time I play a family, I’m getting the prompt if another sim from a recently play household, wants to like/dislike whatever it may be. It’s literally the most annoying thing maxis could’ve done. Is there any solution to disabling this? 

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Re: Disable Likes/Dislikes Prompt

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I am also disliking the new likes/dislikes patch... what were they thinking?  I want to disable likes/dislikes, didn't buy it, don't want it, but there is no option. How to we prevent further patches that really just slow down game play. Do the programmers of these patches even play Sims 4? Do they realize that every time they make a new patch they create more new bugs?

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Re: Disable Likes/Dislikes Prompt

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@xXTH3MAST3RXx @tsavogina I've merged your post into the current bug report for this issue. Please click the "Me Too" button at the bottom of the first post on the first page of the thread.

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Re: [OPEN] Getting likes/dislikes pop ups from sims not in household

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Can confirm this is happening on mac as well. I've also seen this happen for a gamechanger I watch on youtube. It usually happens for sims I play but am not actively playing at the moment. For the gamechanger though it happened for a sim they didn't even know (of course this is working with more limited information) But I can confirm it happens to me and typically when that played sim from a different household is in the same active neighborhood as my active sim/household.

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Re: [OPEN] Getting likes/dislikes pop ups from sims not in household

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@xjodielaura I am also having this issue, but only since installing Cottage Living and I play the game on my PC, not a console.
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Re: [OPEN] Getting likes/dislikes pop ups from sims not in household

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I have this issue too. Other played but not active sims will go fishing, run by, or even trespass into my yard and garden then I get popups about whether they like it.

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