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@crvwolf Totally agree on that one! But yet, still new dlcs' are getting released meanwhile half of the community isn't even able to play properly.
I fell like we are not taken seriously enough to get back to us, or inform us about any process what so ever on our issue. Every day I become more dissapointed and frustrated
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Re: Loads of empty households

@SimQARobo Hey there, thanks for your involvement on this. It's affecting consoles too, I'm on a brand new Xbox series S and my game is incredibly unstable since cottage living as are many others. Are the team linking this issue with the game lag, etc to issues on this other feed "Re: Crashing on save and exit, build and CAS" on Technical Issues-Consoles, as when we post on that feed it's been suggested we check if we have the issue on this feed too. Crashing is on both feeds. Some of us on this other thread struggle to load and play our games.
The game bloat seems to affect PCs much more on reading but I can't speak for all console users. I get a few hundred extra townies and a lag in cottage living worlds. I've got the weird fox households too. For me it all feels like part of the same thing.
In my game all of the issues started at the same time from Cottage Living and the associated patch. So this additional information is intended to bring all possibly linked issues to your attention, hope that's ok with you.
We love our game, we just want to be able to play it. We're all getting pretty disappointed and despondent I think it's safe to say. The word "unplayable" is used a lot.
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Re: Loads of empty households


Is your game filling with empty households? We made a fix to clear the empty Households when loading the game.

Fixed in Patch 1.82.99/1.50


The Patch notes suggest that the game now deletes the empty households on loading the game. If this also means they shouldn't get created anymore in saves is unclear.


If you still experience issues with them being created or not properly deleted, create a new thread.


This is important to get a fresh me too count to see how many are still affected.

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I don't work or have any association with EA. I give advice to the best of my knowledge and cannot be held responsible for any damage done to your computer/game.
Please only contact me via PM when asked to do so.

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