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[FIXED] [GTW] Delivering Baby event not spawning pregnant Sims

by Neesha99

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Re: [OPEN] [GTW] Delivering Baby event not spawning pregnant Sims

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What the hell!? I just posted here a few minutes ago and SUDDENLY AND FINALLY A PREGNANT SIM SHOWED UP! I'm so happy I can't express it with words! hahah but also I know the bug is there... I just had luck!! very good luck! Hope you can have it too! I'm here to tell that you have chances to have it right (I know it's annoying to have to waiste weeks to finally have a delivery, but at least you still have a little chance... hope they fix it soon though!)

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Delivering baby in Get to work expansion

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I have a sims that is a doctor in the Get To Work Expansion Pack and she has reach the level 8 in the career. For her to get a promotion she has to deliver a baby. I get the prompt that some one is in the hospital for baby surgery but there is no there and I cant do anything to fix it . I Have repaired the game a few times and no luck. Pease EA help

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Re: Delivering baby in Get to work expansion


Please see this bug report.


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Re: Delivering baby in Get to work expansion

@royalantonia merged with existing bug report on this issue.


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Re: [OPEN] [GTW] Delivering Baby event not spawning pregnant Sims

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I've just seen the pregnant sim objective appear at the hospital for the last couple of days, but no pregnant sim arrived.


Then my doctor sim had his day off, and when I sent one of my sims to a community lot, there was a random townie woman who was heavily pregnant and was sure to give birth that day. Now when I check her preview picture in Manage Households, she's holding a baby. And also another previously single townie woman holding a new baby.


I'm wondering if the game is timing these spontaneous immaculate conceptions poorly so that the sims are having to give birth off screen while my doctor is having his weekend day off? I hope one of these hits on the day my doctor is working soon, because I can't keep having my townies getting knocked up and left as single parents Disappointed


EDIT: It just happened again. I spotted the same townie woman pregnant again on Saturday, which is the day off for my level 8 medical specialist doctor. So the next working day was Sunday and the "Deliver baby at surgery table" objective appeared, but even after waiting the whole day the pregnant sim never showed up.


After the day was over, I exited back to Manage Households screen and checked the townie woman in CAS and sure enough, there was a newborn baby there in CAS. She'd either given birth the day before my Doctor's working shift or on the same day, but never showed up and gave birth off screen instead.

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Re: [OPEN] [GTW] Delivering Baby event not spawning pregnant Sims

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6months still no fix... they dont care about it because they still sell the dlc's... 

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Re: [OPEN] [GTW] Delivering Baby event not spawning pregnant Sims

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Having this problem for ... i've lost count for how many months. Deliver Baby task appears, pregnant sim and emergency notice doesnt.
I had pregnant sims, tons of pregnant sims, but i noticed they were "not in world" they just gave birth offscreen.
Do they have to be in San Myshuno ? Also weird i dont have any kid sims other than my own, yet kids seem to flock the hospital every day, but i cant find any of these kids in the game at all, and after conversing with them i dont find them in the relationships tab either.
I have all packs, and its been frustrating enough that i had to give up on most of the game features because they are just not working, and there are no fixes for them up to this day.
Seriously, at least fix this issue already please....i dont want new packs anymore, i want the packs that i have to actually be playable.

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Re: can't find preg

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Hi, I am the same, my task bar saying deliver baby but no pregnant sims in sight, I am just wondering if it ever got resolved for you?? I have repaired the game but no luck.
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Re: can't find preg


Hi @LouiseJames0


it's still an open bug.


I'll have to cheat your Sim to the next level.

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Re: can't find preg

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My sim is level 10 in the career and I get the quest to deliver a baby when no pregnant sim is there.

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