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Re: [TO ADD] [GTW] Chemical Analyzer missing from buy mode

by crinrict

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Re: [TO ADD] [GTW] Chemical Analyzer missing from buy mode

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I am a me too.  The analyzer is now a hidden object and I have to use bb.showhiddenobjects to find it.

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Re: [TO ADD] [GTW] Chemical Analyzer missing from buy mode

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I had the analyzer in other saves (I bought it before the StrangerVille patch and long after Jungle Adventures) so I created a new room and added it to my library so I can easily add it to other saves without having to use the show hidden objects cheats just to get the analyzer; I've also put this room on the gallery. I do hope they bring it back as it doesn't seem to work in the same way as the analyzer at the lab, so there seems to be no reason for it to be hidden (though I was playing with teens so that may have been the issue Standard smile ). 


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Re: [TO ADD] [GTW] Chemical Analyzer missing from buy mode

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Actually, Chemical Analyzer was missing before Strangerville, because it wasn't there in the patch before strangerville.  The Chemical Analyzer, was should be available in the build buy mode as a get to work object that has to be unlocked, the archeology table already pretty munch does everything the analyzer does except extract elements out of elements.  It really just needs to be around for the GTW careers and for collecting purposes, but if they would add a collecting skill they could set that at level 3 of the collecting skill, but also I think Jungle Adventure and Archeology is the collecting skill anyways, so maybe just add it to that, but you won't get the special jungle adventure collecting stuff if you don't have the JA pack.  The thing is what happened is the Chemical Analyzer needs to be fixed so it does what it is told, but the problem with this, is the Chemical Analyzer, accidently got hidden in buy mode, because I really think the higher end of the pet o matic treat thing should have been hidden unless you buy a vet Clinic, but the lower end version remain unlocked.  The Chemical Analyzer low end version should be available for purchase in the build buy mode, and the high end should be unlockable, with just reaching a certain level of science, medical, detective, careers.  As well as being unlockable in the logic skill at a certain level.  I have looked into the science career and noticed its not in the FutureTech Lab catogery, so that also needs to be fixed, the easiest way know is to add logic to the Archaeology Table, and archaeology to Chemical Analyzer, this should help with it getting back into the game properly.  Also release the archaeology skill as a base game skill, because with the Chemical Analyzer, being in at least 3 packs at least the skill needs to be accessible in base game for it work in all two packs.


Note, the pet treat o-matic thing is the Chemical lab to create pet treats and career related items.  The Chemistry Set is the child age version of the chemical lab, so they could make emotional potions.


Anyways, that would solve the problem.  The Chemical Analyzer, is needed in the StrangerVillie Secret Lab for the story, plus is needed for the medical, detective, and scientific career, so may have to be moved to base game in a free update to fix the problem because it does increase logic, and put on the Chemical Analyzer, an upgrade that if JA is installed it increases archeology to.


This is just an idea.  Also come to think about it I think it was a career reward of some kind at first because you couldn't clone it.

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Re: [TO ADD] [GTW] Chemical Analyzer missing from buy mode


The “Chemical Analyzer” object can now be purchased from Build Mode without having to use a cheat.

Fixed in Patch 1.51.75

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