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Re: Still a Windows problem

by MDianaSims

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Still a Windows problem

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I loaded one of my lots and found that a window from Get Together isn't working. Even if I delete and replace it, it is still the same. Just thought you should know.



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Re: Still a Windows problem

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The issue has been fixed by the November 10th patch (Version on PC):

From the patch notes:

  • Stone Frame Window (window1x1_EP02TUDstoneFrame2Tile_set1), Holey Geometry (window1x1_EP02TUDLow_03_2Tile_set1), and King of Diamonds Classical Door (doorSingle2x1_EP02TUDHigh3Tile_set1) now place properly.

I checked in game, and it's true, they  look normal again Standard smile

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Re: Still a Windows problem

@MDianaSims Thanks for checking

Happy Gaming


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