Re: Freelance Jobs Not Paying....Really

by EA_Lanna

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Re: Freelance Jobs Not Paying....Really

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@alicialogic I think it's a Script mod. Can you check if you have Scripts Mods allowed?. That option is under Game Options -> Other
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Re: Freelance Jobs Not Paying....Really

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@gothalo2000 I did some things with the cache and the script mods are working now. Thanks!

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Re: Freelance Jobs Not Paying....Really

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Hi Simmers, 


It's patch day.  Good news! I'll pop the quote from the patch notes below: 

@EA_Lanna wrote:




The Sims 4

  • Freelancer Sims now can complete Gigs they have signed up for and harvest the fruits of their labor. Simoleons, Simoleons, Simoooleons… SIMOOOLEOOONS.

We'll close this thread here but please do check to see if this is working for you and let us know how you get on. If you're still experiencing issues after updating, please open a new thread to get the ball rolling there and include any information you can. We'll merge any duplicates together to keep things in the same spot. Standard smile




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