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[FIXED] [ECO] Objects disappear from lots/ NPC Stealing (with and without N.A.P)

by verfens

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Re: The sims 4 Eco Lifestyle all objects disappearing with/without sharing is ca

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I have never had "sharing is caring" as an active NAP but sims are showing up and stealing things constantly as if it's on. 

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Re: [OPEN] [ECO] Objects disappear from lots/ NPC Stealing (with and without N.A

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@verfens Me too, but for me it’s random counters, electronics, only since I downloaded the eco lifestyle. I’ve moved, deleted the game completely, I’ve never had mods, it’s starting to be not fun to play anymore. I legit just had my sim finish her homework and she stood up and the table/chairs, computer and her homework book sh was using we’re all gone. I want my money back
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Re: The sims 4 Eco Lifestyle all objects disappearing with/without sharing is ca

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I had fired countless maids thinking they were klepto's and researched tons of bugs concerning disappearing objects before i finally stumbled on bug reports from sharing is caring. I hadn't even explored the features of eco lifestyle so i had no idea this was a thing. I deleted the pack and sure enough, the bug was gone. It doesn't even matter if the N.A.P. is active or not, as you said.

It's frustrating because i just payed for a pack i now had to delete to fix my game. 

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Re: NPCs Continuously Steal Community Sinks with No N.A.P. Permitting Theft

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Okay SAME. This is exactly what is happening to me. No matter how many times I replace it stuff vanishes. I’m losing my desire to even play because it’s so frustrating. I don’t know what to do 

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Re: After latest update, game is glitching badly

@katelynl96 I merged your thread with the existing object disappearing one.

The sharing is caring NAP is doing that to your game. Even if it's not active in your current hood it can be in one of the others, causing this issue.

For the fighting, that would be the roughhouse one. You can use this thread: if you want to add your voice. It's a more general thread for several interactions.

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Re: Disappearing Kitchen Counters

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I have the same issue. I also had a tv, tv table and a couch disappear. also counters and bar stools at a community lot. I have no idea why, it seems quite random.

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Re: Objects randomly disappearing

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Ah, the coconut tree is actually just a visual bug having to do with settings, I had it happen to me when I was still playing on my Mac. It is very disturbing tho.  You might be able to find my bug report on it.

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Re: Disappearing Kitchen Counters

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So, basically, it could be one of a few things in order of how easy it is to check for.

1.) You have the "sharing is caring" NAP active in YOUR neighborhood, thus leading to sims general sticky fingers, and from what I understand, there's a separate thread for complaining about the excessiveness of the actual NAP especially on lots that have lot requirements.

2.) If it's only YOUR sim doing the disappearing act, and YOUR sim has the recycle disciple trait, you're not recycling 'enough', and they can recycle their own furniture.  If this is the case, and the behavior is, in your opinion, excessive or unjustified (as you are recycling with them), it might be time to find that bug report or make it.

3.) You HAD the 'Sharing is caring" nap active, and repealed it, but the sims behavior continued (which is a key bug to fix imo)

4.) You have the "sharing is caring" NAP active in ANOTHER neighborhood, and the bug makes other sims perform the action in your world.  I'm not certain if other neighborhoods in other worlds can contribute, but, even if no residential lots are in those 'districts', as Cydea-Desu pointed out- there are still NAPs active.  Place a community board basically in every 'neighborhood' to find out what NAPs are active there.  Willow creek and Oasis springs have those areas where there's a neighborhood of nonresidential lots in particular to look for.  (another huge bug imo)


So like, on a scale of 1-Dine out in turns of bugs, I actually think this packs done alright considering the number of new gameplay features and changes to core gameplay that came with the June 3rd update, and the ones there (aside from this one) aren't too detrimental.  I got out of the sinkless lot nightmare by repairing the game in origin several times and doing a factory reset to deal with a separate bug, basically just nuking my game worked.  Heck, most mods managed to make it out unscathed even.  We could have had another "raining cats and dogs" mod scenario.

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Re: Disappearing Kitchen Counters

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@crinrict Hello! Not on all my lots, some of my families didn't have this activated in their neighbourhood and the counters went missing. The last time I played my sims entire dining set disappeared and I haven't played since because it was making the game not enjoyable unfortunately
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Re: Disappearing Kitchen Counters

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I was so excited for this expansion, but the Sharing is Caring N.A.P. honestly ruined it for me. Sharing Is NOT Caring. In real life, if you share someone ASKS you if they can borrow the object for a while or if you don't want it give it to them. They do NOT outright TAKE your stuff. That's called STEALING, not SHARING. The English Dictionary backs me up. On top of it, even if you make sure YOUR neighborhood never, ever enacts such a terrible N.A.P., if you've even dared move from your neighborhood to visit a gym or a restaurant, or even your own store, suddenly you are subjected to the whims of the random generator gods. You canNOT be an outstanding citizen and ensure the Sharing Is Caring N.A.P. doesn't go into effect where your place of business may be located and suddenly find yourself subjected to a bunch of thieves.


For those of you willing to endure this absolute mess, I encourage you to fight back with cheats because this is a completely over powered, unfair N.A.P. Do a google search, get yourself some money, unlock all the hidden objects, and buy back what was taken instead of fabricating that couch again or working your butt off to pay for that nice computer. For those of you who lost paintings, I am so sorry, I know sometimes those are irreplaceable if the SIM who made it has already died and it was supposed to be a memory of them through the generations.


Quite frankly, this N.A.P. should just go. We already have kleptomaniacs and if they get caught stealing there is the socially acceptable, and incredibly correct, response of horror and relationship damage. Plus, you can simply avoid becoming friends with them or letting them in your house to keep from being stolen from. Encouraging the idea that stealing is not only okay, but socially accepted is just not okay in my book. There is absolutely no sharing going on in this. It's theft that is outright breaking the game. Knowing kids as young as 6 have posted in the bug forum I find myself shaking my head at EA for what they are teaching the youngest generation.


Now if they change things so you get a pop up of "May I have your sofa?" or whatever object, with a choice to say yes or no, I would not be in such a huff because that is indeed sharing at least. I would limit this to at least friendship status as in real life, people you barely know are given bad reputations for a reason for asking you for your stuff. It's uncivilized. Although having 100 pop ups happening nonstop throughout my game play would once again ruin it so this idea does not solve the problem of just how incredibly overpowered this N.A.P. is.


However, as it stands I am one very unhappy customer who thinks this needs an insanely huge nerf at the very least AND changed to actual sharing by adding in requests instead of just outright thievery. This should also never occur in places of business, whether that be your local bar or your actual shop. That ends up breaking people's games. Being forced to cease leaving any items on your lawn for fear of them being taken and becoming shut ins with locked doors, unable to give out resident's keys in case your friend suddenly starts taking everything you've worked so hard to obtain, is the exact opposite of the freedom those playing the SIMS games have come to expect and love about the game entirely. If nothing else, being given a choice to turn off that specific N.A.P. would be highly appreciated so we can enjoy the other ones. It shouldn't come down to an all or nothing and needing to find people to outright mod out N.A.P.'s entirely just to play the game with a sense of security and freedom again.

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