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[FIXED] [ECO] NAPs from all neighbourhoods are applied to visiting NPCs

by simvasion

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Re: Sims are buggy with eco-living update!

★★ Guide

It takes a bit of time (exact amount depends on how many active households in a save), but it is possible to "rescue" a save AND keep Eco enabled (using cheats, but no mods, so should work on console too):


  1. Turn off NPC voting
  2. Enter the "testingcheats enable" cheat code
  3. Go into every neighbourhood that's had played Sims living there since Eco came out and repeal all the annoying NAPs (shift-click the mailbox)
  4. Make a list of all the Sims that need fixing (and which NAPs they are afflicted with)
  5. While playing on a different household, invite those Sims over (new social event category - NAP repeal party).  If it's a long list, invite them in groups by NAP
  6. While the afflicted Sims are on the lot, cheat enact the NAP(s), then immediately cheat repeal it (shift-click the mailbox)
  7. Send them home (or enjoy a social visit)
  8. Repeat until all Sims are clean.  Most NPCs probably won't make the list, but you can do this again at any point you notice Sims being weird(er than usual)
  9. Check the inventories of your Sims for things they'll play with even without prompting (clay, mostly)

Steps 4-8 can be replaced with "save your game; disable/uninstall Eco; play/save your game without it; re-enable/install Eco" - which may be faster in some cases, but is also destructive if you've been using any of the content over the past month.  Steps 1-3 still need to be done *first* - or the NAPs will still be in place when you re-enable Eco.


It took me about a week of playing to stop freaking out every time my Sims did anything on their own (active/energized Sims still work out; most Sims with access to clay will play with it; hungry Sims will cook - although usually not cake).  Also, the game still gives a notification that a random NAP won the voting every week (unless you have 4 already), but if you check active NAPs, it doesn't actually happen.


To retain sanity, you probably shouldn't enact the NAPs that push autonomous actions (about 2/3 of them) until this gets patched.  The commodity that pushes the actions can get stuck to Sims when they're out and about as non-actives (visiting/hosting your active household, or just wandering around the neighbourhood), so if the NAPs are in place, they'll start sticking again.  I usually go with Clean Energy Production, Eco-Friendly Appliances, Green Gardening (autonomous gardening is from the Self-Sufficiency NAP, not this one, oddly enough), Upcycling Initiative - even if I'm not compliant, the fines offset the ridiculously low taxes they have now. Standard smile

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Re: Sims are buggy with eco-living update!

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★ Guide

I don't understand any of this as it seems to the same problem mentioned some time ago in another Topic. What is going on and where are EA. No patch to fix any of these problems. My Legal Team say I am entitled for a complete refund on any Expansion Packs or Updates that have led to these or other problems. I live in the UK and is not up to me to repair this game as it is not fit for purpose.

Kind regards James

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Re: Sims are buggy with eco-living update!

★ Apprentice


You can request a refund. I thought about requesting a refund but I didn't qualify.


Not happy with your game? Just request a refund through this form. The Great Game Guarantee allows you to return EA full game downloads** (PC or Mac) and participating third party titles purchased on Origin for a full refund. You can make a refund request: Within 24 hours after you first launch the game. Within 14 days from the day you bought it, if you have not launched the game. Within 14 days from the release date if you pre-ordered the game, if you have not launched the game. Whichever comes first. And if you purchase a new EA game within the first 30 days of its release date and can't play it due to technical reasons within EA's control, you can request a refund within 72 hours after you first launch the game instead of 24. Learn more about the Great Game Guarantee.

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Re: Sims are buggy with eco-living update!

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Re: Sims are buggy with eco-living update!


● NPC Sims will no longer follow enacted policies in their home neighborhood if Sims travel to another neighborhood or world before the voting period ends.

Fixed in Patch 1.65.70/ 1.29

If you're still experiencing this issue, please create a new thread.


I will leave all the threads listed in post 2 open for now to see how that goes.


Your feedback there is appreciated.

Happy Gaming


I don't work or have any association with EA. I give advice to the best of my knowledge and cannot be held responsible for any damage done to your computer/game.
Please only contact me via PM when asked to do so.

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