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[FIXED] [ECO] Fabricator Breaks daily

by kraziefox

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Re: [OPEN] [ECO] Fabricator Breaks daily

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Mine not only breaks every few interactions but also have yet to be able to actually make anything that isn't for a job without it pulling me in or splashing me

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Re: [OPEN] [ECO] Fabricator Breaks daily

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just figure i will make a note here as well because it is very annoying every few items fails and breaks which then you have to start over it already takes a long time to fabricate an item and fast forwarding seems to bring about the annoying sound bug so yes an update is over due.

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Re: [OPEN] [ECO] Fabricator Breaks daily




Just increase your fabrication skill and it will break far less often. Candle Making also build fabrication skill.

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Re: [OPEN] [ECO] Fabricator Breaks daily

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@jpkarlsenwell i am at fabrication 9 i try to make a dresser after 2 other fabrications the dresser fails i repair and start dresser over it completes i do another it completes the next after that machine breaks little over 1 sim hour into the third fabrication the longest record so far is i have had 3 succesful fabrications without breaking and the 4th failed this has been rare and most of the breaking occurs over an hour into fabrication so all that time is wasted =/ but most commonly i see 2 completes and 3rd breaks half way so far the skill seems to reduce the chances of getting dyed more than reducing breaking that or i am very unlucky. more annoying than game breaking but still a resume where left off would been better than a refund so you can start over.


could  be that both of the tinkers have the clumsy trait.. first time i really ever had that on a sim? 

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Re: [OPEN] [ECO] Fabricator Breaks daily

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I can't finish this job I have for 3 floor lamps bc it breaks or screws up everytime I use it. Thr amount of dyes and bits and pieces I've lost is crazy!! I don't get why there isn't an upgrade it it at least. I'm so annoyed with eco in general. 

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Re: [OPEN] [ECO] Fabricator Breaks daily


We have rebuilt the Store No More Home Fabricator so that it doesn’t break at least once a day. All returns are subject to warranty inspection, no Simoleons were harmed in this endeavor.

Fixed in Patch 1.67.45/ 1.32


If you're still experiencing this issue, please create a new thread.

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