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[FIXED] [DU] NPCs stuck as "Graduate" after graduation after moving in/playing

by desertrose0601

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Re: [OPEN] [DU] NPC Sim stuck as "Graduate" after graduation after mov

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It's been 6 months since the expansion release and the problem is still there.
I have several sims that were inactive when they were supposed to graduate (I play multiple families) and they're stuck with 12 credits out of 12 with no further progress.
All Uni NPC's I moved in with also have this bug present. 

Some people suggest mods and cheats to deal with the issue, but I never used any and don't want to start just because there's no patch to fix it.
Very frustarting.

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Re: [OPEN] [DU] NPC Sim stuck as "Graduate" after graduation after mov

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I just want to say that I still have this problem as well. I think it is a huge loss that my sim can meet someone at uni, fall in love, graduate, and attempt to have their uni lover move in but the lover does not have degree and can’t even fix it. Smh

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Re: [OPEN] [DU] NPC Sim stuck as "Graduate" after graduation after mov

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I got the same problem, NPC Sim, now in my household, and found at least the following: with testing cheats you can shift-click the sim and university debug: enroll. Unfortunately you can't use the degree that way, but at least get a new one. 

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Re: [FIXED] [DU] NPC Sim stuck as "Graduate" after graduation after mov


Student Sims will no longer be labeled as Graduate after completing the Graduation Ceremony. Congratulations!

Fixed in Patch 1.63.133


Please be aware that this fix most probably doesn't affect already bugged NPCs

Happy Gaming


I don't work or have any association with EA. I give advice to the best of my knowledge and cannot be held responsible for any damage done to your computer/game.
Please only contact me via PM when asked to do so.

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Re: [OPEN] [DU] NPC Sim stuck as "Graduate" after graduation after mov

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I believe MCC mod was the only thing that worked for me. I also moved in an NPC and they had the 12/12 courses but they "couldn't enroll in courses at this time" and couldn't receive the career bonus. I clicked on the NPC turned player and opened the MCC command centre menu. Go to MC cheats>Cheat sim info>expansion cheats>University cheats>Graduate now>confirm graduation for selected sim with current degree, perfect GPA..Yes.

I immediately got the notification that the NPC has graduated and the ceremony would be held in a couple of days. The sim got the degree they completed as an NPC and had all the advancement/perks in that degree. The job panel reset and the NPC sim can now enroll again in a new degree. So far, knock on wood, this has not negatively affected my game.

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Re: [FIXED] [DU] NPCs stuck as "Graduate" after graduation after movin

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I have this problem... kind of. I moved in Angela Pleasant, she got the career bonus and the art history degree trait, but she's still enrolled in university with 12/12 classes completed, and no diploma. Since she still has the benefits of the degree (I think they get the benefits when they finish their last term and not when they attend/skip graduation) It still bugs me that it shows up in her career panel, and she can't re-enroll for a new degree. So I guess the bug was sort of fixed but not really?

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Re: [FIXED] [DU] NPCs stuck as "Graduate" after graduation after movin

Community Manager
Hi @Zitiache,

It sounds similar but it'd be best to open a new report for this by filling out the bug report template. Could you pop open a new bug report for this please? I'll close off this thread here as this bug was patched in June and to limit necroposting.



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