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[FIXED] [DO] Sims Taking Other Diner's Food

by Iyasenu

Original Post

Re: [OPEN] [DO] Sims Taking Other Diner's Food

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Yeah, that happened to me too. 

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Re: [OPEN] [DO] Sims Taking Other Diner's Food

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This is beyond annoying, and I will not play with restaurants until they fix it. My sims own a restaurant and they didn't get payed because sims would have their food stolen and therefor couldn't finish their meal so they just wait around for it but it's already been eaten by someone else, and then they get grumpy and give my restaurant bad reviews, lol... And my sims don't earn enough money from their restaurant because customers don't pay. Hopeless!!


I noticed also at the sims home lot, whenever they eat and drink at the same time, as soon as they finish their drink they stop eating.

But the most annoying thing is definitely the food-stealing at restaurants and that the sims NEVER stay seated. Ever. They go for a jog or just walk around stealing food.. 



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Re: [OPEN] [DO] Sims Taking Other Diner's Food

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I had that happen today I had a mom take out her girls and some NPCs came up to the table and took two of the little girls lunches and started eating them off the table. And of course they were starving because it took so long for the food to arrive to the table so I ended the meal and took them home and have them have leftovers. What a waste. I guess the little family was took chatty so the NPCs figured they were eating fast enough they were hovering there waiting. 

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Re: [OPEN] [DO] Sims Taking Other Diner's Food

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@DizzyDee-K The gluttons are food stealing pigs anyway. Can't get through a wedding or birthday without having to bake 5 - 10 replacement cakes cause they can't keep their piggy hands off a cake long enough to put birthday candles or a wedding topper on.
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Re: [OPEN] [DO] Sims Taking Other Diner's Food

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Checked this after the new patch and it's not fixed.

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Re: [OPEN] [DO] Sims Taking Other Diner's Food

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Re: [OPEN] [DO] Sims Taking Other Diner's Food

[ Edited ]
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I'm a bit disappointed there's a new patch and work were put into a new logo and menu which I can't get used to it, but this essential gameplay bug wasn't fixed. Frown

I have still problems with restaurants as mentioned before. Please, fix this soon ... please fix this with a hot fix. I don't want to wait until next month's patch ... I don't want to play another month with so much "criminal townies"

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Re: [OPEN] [DO] Sims Taking Other Diner's Food

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Very Very Very irritated that this issue was not fixed with this update. At this point i don't even want the Dine Out Game Pack anymore since this is clearly not a priority of the Sims 4 team. I can't believe I allowed my hopes to rise thinking the Sims team would actually fix something THEY broke but no. We got a stupid rebrand to a game that I can hardly enjoy fully anymore. Thanks Sims 4 Team!!!!

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Re: [OPEN] [DO] Sims Taking Other Diner's Food

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Same problem here.

How often does the bug occur?
Very often (75% - 99%)

Packs i own:
Seasons, City Living, Dine Out, ParenthoodVintage Glamour Stuff, Bowling Night, Romantic Garden Stuff, Movie Night Stuff

Issue related to the main post:
In addition this issue cause further problems when managing your own restaurant:
-Sims stealing food from others lead almost everytime to a 1 star review, this because customers never get their food/drinks -already eaten/drunk by someone else- and leave the place in anger.
-This "stealing food issue" affect deeply the restaurant revenues because even if not everyone ends up with a 1 star, it surley slow the whole process when it starts a "food stolen chain".
-Using build mode to give the food back to the right owners it's difficult because these thiefs are persistent and when they target something they come to pick it again as soon as you leave the build mode. The only way i found to stop them is using your sim "hug" ,"kiss" or similar interactions to make them drop the food and lose interest in it.

-Sometimes even the host and waiters steal the food!

What do you expect to see?
-Sims who are out to eat, should eat only their own food.
-Sims who are out to eat, should be sitting at their own tables most of the time and eat their food sitting there, not standing, not anywhere else.
-Host and waiters should not eat customers' food.

Have you installed any customization with the game, e.g. Custom Content or Mods?
Never used.

Please fix this, i can accept people roaming and idling for no reason, but this stolen food issue is ruining completely the Dine Out pack experience.
It's impossible to enjoy running a restaurant when you barely get back what you spend on salaries and ingredients because of bugs.

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Re: [OPEN] [DO] Sims Taking Other Diner's Food

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Another “me too” here. Similar to what @ja420 mentioned, I’ve been aggressively resetting any sims that approach my table. That works to keep my food on the table, and if I’m controlling everyone in my party, I can tell them to go back to eating and everything mostly works. The major problem is if you go out with an NPC. My sim’s food won’t get eaten if they’re actively eating it, but it seems like either npcs aren’t getting automatically triggered to eat their order, or someone else auto-queues it up as well and that cancels the correct NPC, and then the correct one never starts eating again even if no one is currently coming for their food. 


Like @aidans1985 suggested earlier, I think it’s either an issue with Sulani’s sharing culture breaking things, or something else has caused all food to be “untagged”/ownerless which leads to a free-for-all. Regardless, right now restaurants and vendors are only salvageable at best if you’re patronizing only with household members, but I haven’t found any workaround for eating with an npc or trying to manage a restaurant. 

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