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[FIXED] Column's Showing Through Roof

by BreeMiles

Original Post

Re: Poles broke since update.

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@Munching_Croc Merged your post with the existing bug report on this.



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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] Column's Showing Through Roof

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★★★★ Novice

That worked for me as well, Bree Miles. Thank you! Heart

I had a huge house with tons of columns almost finished before updating. I only had to build again a small section of fence and all the columns in the house fixed!

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Re: [OPEN] Column's Showing Through Roof

★★★ Newbie

It doesn't matter what method it is used to fix this because every time I fix it, the same thing occurs after I leave the lot and come back. 


Do I have to fix this every time I play with the lot?!

(My first time using this so I have no idea where I just replied)

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Re: [OPEN] Column's Showing Through Roof

★★★★ Novice

The columns protruding through  the roof seem to occur after migrating a model from a gallery to your game. This bug came with the last update. I discovered that if  Sims move into the building and then move out through manage world and come back again, the columns come back to their intended or proper size. The bug may also affect models that have not migrated from a gallery.

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Re: [OPEN] Column's Showing Through Roof

★★★★ Novice

Was this quietly patched? I don't appear to have this bug anymore.

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Re: [OPEN] Column's Showing Through Roof

★★★★★ Novice
@groovyboa Wow, got all excited there for a minute, loaded up my game and tried it again. Bah, it's still bugged! Frown
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Re: [OPEN] Column's Showing Through Roof

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★★★★ Novice


Oh sorry for getting your hopes up, the column porch placement bug is still in my game too. But I do notice that the bug where columns poke through the floor of interiors seems to be gone upon reloading the lot, in fact I think all columns seem to get fixed when you reload the lots now.

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Re: [OPEN] Column's Showing Through Roof

★★★★ Novice

Can confirm as well that after loading up my previous save of my recent build created after the September patch (5/9/19), the columns are again not in the correct height. Which in my case would be short wall height. Instead all columns placed are taller than short wall height.


This means that fixes mentioned in this thread are indeed only temporary.


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Re: [OPEN] Column's Showing Through Roof

★ Apprentice

Probably related to this Issue. I see Columns through Floors as well

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Re: [OPEN] Column's Showing Through Roof

★★★★ Novice

One of the ways the column problem or bug occurs is when a model (a built) with columns is loaded from a library directly into a lot in one of your games. Going to "manage world" and coming back will temporarily bring the columns to their original intended height.. They will stay that way until  the model (the built) is saved in the library and then loaded again; at this point the column problem or bug will reappear.

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