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Re: [OPEN] Child skill increased stupidly fast

by notabatman

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Re: child skill increased stupidly fast

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I have a teen Sim that went from fishing level 2 to fishing level 5 in a single Sim afternoon. Unsure if this is related, but thought I'd throw it out there.

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Re: child skill increased stupidly fast

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Just had this happen to me (ranks 8, 9, and 10 in rapid succession), and found this thread in hopes of discovering why.


One key difference is that this kid was playing Sims Forever, not either of the "edutainment" games.

Like one of the other posts, this kid has the Whiz Kid aspiration (having completed the motor and social related aspirations), although it's only just started and has no progress toward even its first milestone.

The computer was the Respecterion Mid-Range (not a Reward computer at all).

This child has maxed Motor, Social, and Mental skills (all of them naturally, thankyouverymuch), and has the Video Gaming skill (currently at Level 1 and 90% progress).

No mods or cheats are in effect (I don't even have any mods, and have yet to look into the game's cheats).

And... I hope that's all the pertinent information, because I cannot think of anything else that qualifies.


Not gonna balk at a few free ranks of the skill, especially since I'm not even sure the kid has time to finish this third aspiration (birthday in twelve days), and so is unlikely to take the creative one at all, so any benefit I get from it is transient at best. But it is fairly evidently a bug, so I'm reporting it with all the relevant data I can think of.

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Re: Huge "Keyboard Commander" bug

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I was watching the computer screen, when my sim was playing the game, and it appears, that when she was doing task with a guitar, that creativity skill got boosted. I have 4 children in that family, and it happened to all of them, the skill didn't go down after, it stayed maxed.

In my previous family with 3 children, one child had social skill boosted by the Keyboard Commander, but sadly don't remember if any of the other two children had it happen as well.

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Re: Huge "Keyboard Commander" bug

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Just wanted to add that this just now happened in my fully updated game where a child playing Keyboard Commander gained Creativity skill rapidly, so it's an ongoing bug. Sorry if this counts as thread resurrection!


ETA: Just had another child with Mental skill 9 browsing Simpedia start gaining Motor skill rapidly in the same exact way. The bug continues!

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Re: Huge "Keyboard Commander" bug

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Thanks for the feedback on this


EDIT: Funny enough it just didn't happen on my game today .. Seems more random now.

Happy Gaming


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Please only contact me via PM when asked to do so.

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Child maxes unrelated skill while using computer

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One of my Sim children had just maxed the Mental skill, and got a whim to play Arithmetic Attack. While doing so, her Motor skill very quickly went from 0 to 10.


I saw a very similar thing happen with this Sim's mother when she was a child, and her Creative skill went from 0 to 10 while doing something unrelated to that skill on the computer.


I'm on Mac OS 10.10.5 (Yosemite), all expansions and packs, no mods or CC (ever).

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Re: Child maxes unrelated skill while using computer

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Just had this happen with an half alien child playing keyboard commander she was granted level 1 to level 10 rapidly one after another on the computer that comes with the science career. Saw this happen to an alien child once before on a regular computer.

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Re: [OPEN] Child skill increased stupidly fast

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The same thing happened to me too, my child was playing Keyboard Commander, and suddenly his Creativity skill maxed out, it went from 4 to 10. I tried to put his skill back to the previous level it was before the glitch, but it maxed out again.

   By reading the previous replies, I think I can assume that this bug isn't caused by mods or cc, or the kid's Childhood Aspiration, previous Creativity skill level or anything like that. So what might be causing it? I am using cc and some simple mods, but I don't think that's causing anything, since I haven't had any previous problems with my cc, apart from minor graphical glitches.

   Could it be related to the children's computer games (Keyboard Commander for example), or just the child playing anything on the computer?

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Re: [OPEN] Child skill increased stupidly fast

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i have four children in my household. One of my children maxed out his mental skill legit, but later suddenly got from 1 or 2 in creativity and motor all the to max. Two other of my children have suddenly maxed skills as well. One hasn't, but she probably will end up doing so soon. I don't know what each of them were doing, but it sounds like it's possible that they were playing Keyboard Commander. I don't know for sure, but..yeah. It's a bit annoying when I was trying to get them to have a single specialty and I max out their child skill all on my own, as well as finish the appropriate aspiration, but I guess I'll take four ultimate children if this bug doesn't stop. 


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Re: [OPEN] Child skill increased stupidly fast

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First time I've had this bug, a child sim gained 5 levels in creativity within a couple of seconds of playing keyboard warrior (not the first time he's played the game).

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