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[FIXED] Black roof trims

by SisterGloomy

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] Black roof trims

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@SisterGloomy Yes, mine has a basement.

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black roof trim

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Recently, I've noticed that small parts of a roof will become black, despite using a white trim (or no trim at all). Could this be a bug, or is it just a build issue? I've never seen this before

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Re: black roof trim

@Danique_Neefjes This is a known issue.

I've merged your post with the bug report on this.

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] Black roof trims

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I confirm that I'm seeing this on my white castle on the 40x40 lot in Brindleton Bay as well. It's a massive 1 million simoleon build. It has high walls, dozens of rooms and an underground swimming pool. It has four towers that I copied and pasted so they are exactly the same, but only some sections of two of those towers have partly black trims. Very strange. There seems to be no connection as to why certain parts turn black. This has 100% started with the 1.59.73 update as this is one of my oldest builds and I've never seen this glitch before that patch. Hope this helps.

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Re: [NEEDS INPUT] Black roof trims

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I am an experienced builder, I've been building for over 15 years and since 2014 I have published 377 houses on TSR (where I have the title Featured Artists). I build 5-10 houses a month. I also help players on Polish AHQ as a Champion. That's why I can confirm that this is a game error - it was created after the last update.


I will also add that 90% of my homes do not contain CC, and the last ones were built only on the basis of objects from the game.
I currently have no mods or CC in the game.
In addition, I have: all add-ons / packages / accessories.


Conclusion of the error:

1. Discoloration of the roof edges have nothing to do with the basements under the houses, as they also arise in houses that do not have basements.

2. These discolorations arise as a result of:
- roof edge contact with other roofs
- roof edge contact with the building edge
- roof edge contact with half wall
- roof edge joint with a flat roof.


I attach a photo from the game - the red arrows show the discoloration of the roof edges.


Game error-roofs edge.jpg








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Re: [OPEN] Black roof trims

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I noticed this a couple days ago on a recreation of Le Corbusier's Villa Savoye I've been working on. Since the real house has these rooftop windows of sorts, I figured the only way to recreate that would be using small roof segments with a glass material. Interestingly, I'm certain this wasn't an issue a couple months ago, when I last worked on this build, so like others have said it must have been introduced in the very last or the last couple updates.


The things I've noticed so far:

-Two of the sides of the trim will show in pitch black and other dark colors. Also, they will appear disconnected from the other two sides by the corners. The sides will depend on the orientation of the plot, and are independent of the rotation of the roof itself. They're also independent of the time of the day, although the way it appears will change a bit with it.

-This only happens if a roof is put on top of the second floor of higher. If it's set atop the ground floor it will appear just right.

-It only happens if the space underneath is an enclosed room. If it's open space the trim will appear just right (which is why the fix on the OP seemed to work at first).

-If one section of the roof element is over an enclosed room, and the rest is over open space, only the segment placed over the closed room will present this issue (you can see this on the screenshot on SlyLemur's post).

-It won't happen if the roof extends to the edges of the room below it.

-It happens regardless of the color and style of the trim (although it's obviously more noticeable on lighter colored ones), the material on the roof, its type, size, height, bow, eaves, etc. Diagonal (45° rotated) versions of roofs don't seem to be affected. For roofs over a certain height, the dark part will only reach up to a certain point..


I built and shared a plot on the gallery called "Roof Glitch TEST" where I've tried all these scenarios ( I've shared a couple screenshots of it below. I already had a friend download it, and her screenshots showed the same exact results.

Just in case, I have no content packs or custom content installed. I also tried disabling/lowering all my graphic settings one by one, and starting a new game save to no avail.

This can be a very unsightly glitch and it was starting to become a real hairpuller before I noticed other people had it too, so I really hope this gets fixed soon. There's a couple builds I'm pushing back on sharing before this gets solved.

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Re: [OPEN] Black roof trims

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I'm also having these issues, seems like Maxis don't give a $@#% on issues regarding the gameplay just like this, having legacy edition self install in certain circumstances that screw up your game, having memory caps on HUGE maps you can't utilize, cheating sims, break-in entry helpless sims being molested by vampires.

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Re: [OPEN] Black roof trims

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So glad to hear it's not just me! I noticed suddenly my roofs have random black trim spots that can't be recolored/changed.

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Re: [OPEN] Black roof trims

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Same for me I am trying to create interesting roof shapes and its full of black lines! 

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Re: [OPEN] Black roof trims

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I can confirm that this black roof trim bug has been happening to me as well since the patch that was added prior to Discover University. This bug/error is extremely unsightly. It has visually destroyed a number of my prior builds that have complex roofing. This bug does happen in the absence of basements, and seems to almost always (90%+ of cases) occur on the second story or above. It happens when roofs collide/overlap, when roofs don't line up with the edge of the room beneath them (like in the photo I've attached, although they do happen even when they line up with the room) and seems to be particularly prevalent with the gabled roof. I do not have mods or CC installed and have repaired the game multiple times with no success in changing the appearance of these black roof trims. 

As someone who spends the majority of their time in the sims 4 building lots, I can honestly say this is one of the worst building bugs I have ever experienced. I have had to toss/scrap multiple ideas and build shapes due to trying to avoid this trim bug/error. The black roof trim sections are also extremely dark, to the point that no roof trim color can even match their appearance - they visually destroy the composition and beauty of any build just by being so visually distracting. On behalf of all sims 4 builders, I desperately hope that EA/Maxis takes this bug seriously/fixes this problem, as in the last update this issue was ignored.  

Sims 4 Screenshot 2019.12.28 -

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