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[FIXED] Autonomous return to home lot on social events

by Hollthulhu

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Re: BUG - Return to Active Lot

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I've also had it with a female sim and her spouse when visiting the hospital to give birth. The game didn't seem sure what to do, there was a very rapid constant loop of the sound the UI make when a sim has queued an action and a very brief glimpse of the action attempted to be queued was Return Home.


After about 2 minutes of trying to get the pregnant sim to check in at the front desk, she eventually did so, got changed and gave birth. After giving birth, she didn't even glimpse at the baby in the nearby incubator, and tried once again to frantically queue the Return Home action before the game decided to kick back to the Active Lot after about a minute.


The father meanwhile was having trouble deciding whether to panic (the expected behaviour) versus trying to go home during the whole ordeal.


Also, the hospital staff on lot when arriving decided to quit their jobs almost instantly and 'go home'. (Probably why it took so long for the pregnant sim to check in/change clothes) After a while a new doctor NPC arrived to take care of the birth.

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Re: [OPEN] Autonomous return to home lot on social events


My sim was out celebrating a promotion event at a nightclub.


The autonomous action that appeared in his queue was "Return to Active Lot" - it was NOT return to home lot.


I let the action run and he just walked to the entrance of the nightclub where you usually spawn in - so he actually did what the description said and returned to the entrance of the currently ACTIVE lot (the nightclub) and then it went away on its own.


Not sure why this action happens though, he was already inside the nightclub at the time.

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Re: [OPEN] Autonomous return to home lot on social events

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Yeah, I've had that at dance parties at the Von Haunt estate. It's possible that what I've seen at the hospital is related, up to Crin to decide if it should be it's own issue.


Edit: Now that I think about it, it could have been Return to Active lot, it happened to me two nights ago, so I could be remembering it incorrectly. I may have to get another pregnant sim for science.

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Re: [OPEN] Autonomous return to home lot on social events


As long as it's all active Sims that it's happening too, I think it's the same.

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Re: [OPEN] Autonomous return to home lot on social events

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I've seen this problem too! It was so annoying I searched for a solution everywhere but didn't find anything.

So it inspired me to look on how to make a mod myself. 

After hours of reading tutorials I think I've found a solution at least until a patch fix.


How this bug happens:

First, I found that it only happens when a sim is not in a lot he owns.

lot owner.PNG

I've noticed that my sims only get the interaction when their motives for hunger, bladder and energy were red.


So after finding the XML file, all I did was to change the original motive value of -50 to -100 so the "Return to Active Lot" interaction will only ever happen when the sims are with the lowest value of motives (which doesn't happen often)


I've tried it with my sims many times and the interaction never popped up again.

I just change a few values so I don't think it will cause problems but just in case try it with precaution.


XML file modified: E882D22F!00000000!0000000000009678.sim_ReturnToLot.InteractionTuning


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Re: [OPEN] Autonomous return to home lot on social events

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This bug is happening to me too and I'm interested in trying this out... where can I find this file within the Sims 4 install files?

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Re: BUG - Return to Active Lot

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I have this trouble to it happens on walks as well and when you ask someone to hang out with you my sim was at the gym and stopped what ever he was doing to walk outside the

building it wasn't happening to his family who are vampires and use move as bat

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Re: BUG - Return to Active Lot

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This bug is a nightmare in restaurants. Tired customers try to leave all the time (while the athletic waiter jogs permanently and doesn't serve the food).

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Re: [OPEN] Autonomous return to home lot on social events

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Hey thanks! I made my own package to combat this for now Wink

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Re: [OPEN] Autonomous return to home lot on social events

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It seems the point at which sims will autonomously try to sleep in a bed is a tad too high. For me, they try to sleep as soon as they hit <50% (When the energy motive bar goes yellow). Coincidentally, this also seems to be a trigger for them attempting to queue to return to active lot. (Pointed out above in the XMLs)


I'm not 100% sure what motive levels non-player sims spawn at, but it might be one of the factors for them leaving social events/lots prematurely and waiters cancelling important actions like serving food or collecting dirty dishes.

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