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[FIXED] Alien Disguise Feature Broken?

by Populuxe

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Re: [FIXED] Alien Disguise Feature Broken?

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I am so glad that this has been fixed! It caused me loads of confusion when it happened to me, so I was so relieved that I found that other people were having the same issue! Thanks for fixing this Sims4 team! :3

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Re: [FIXED] Alien Disguise Feature Broken?

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I have the same problem. My Aliens lose their disguises as soon as I leave the CAS.


I don't use mods or CC's and I have all packs and the newest version of the game.

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Re: [FIXED] Alien Disguise Feature Broken?


hi @Kalaidasim


this issue is supposed to be fixed.


Could you please create a new thread if you're still seeing this ? Maybe it has resurfaced.




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