[FIXED] Alien Disguise Feature Broken?

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@Populuxe Same problem with Vampires


They lose the Dark form when I edit them in CAS.

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Re: [TO ADD] Alien Disguise Feature Broken?

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@NoahLGP  Thanks for confirming that! Looks like there really is a direct connection, narrows down where the fix needs to happen. :eahigh_file:

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Re: [TO ADD] Alien Disguise Feature Broken?

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So... using tips from this thread, I finally figured out the completely unintuitive and kludgy way to create a human-appearing alien disguise, if your sim's human disguise has been overwritten by the May 25th patch bug. These are the exact steps:


1. Make sure your alien sim is in their disguise, using "Disguise Self", even if the disguise looks alien because of the bug. This will not work if the disguise isn't selected. 


2. Go to a mirror, and select "Change Sim". ("Alter Disguise" and "Plan Outfits" WON'T work.)


3. Select the BOTTOM portrait - yes - the Alien form in CAS, NOT the disguise. 


4. Change the skin color, eyes, hair, ears, clothing, etc. as you would like. But careful! This is a ONE SHOT deal.  If you try to edit the disguise again, after it's been saved, it will be wiped out and you'll have to start all over again.


Edited to add: Making changes to any sim in the household will overwrite the alien disguise, even if the alien sim isn't changed. The only way around this is to move out the alien or sim, edit in CAS, and move back in? (I have not personally tested this.)


5. Save in CAS. The "Alien" form that you changed is now the Human Disguise.  You CANNOT edit this later in CAS, but at least you can HAVE a human disguise until a fix comes out.



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Re: [TO ADD] Alien Disguise Feature Broken?

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I used the fashionista closet to change the clothing etc of another household member and when I exited the CAS mode, I happened to notice that the alien member of my family who I did not edit in this session happened to be reverted to his Alien form.  He had been mourning for his homeworld previously so I didn't think too much of it at first, clicked on him thinking maybe he had dropped his disguise for some reason, but that's when I noticed that he was actually still in disguise .. and that both his disguised self and his true alien form were identical!

I browsed through my household management tool, and I've noticed all aliens in my game are undisguised lately .. I play a legacy style game and only load one household on a regular basis though. 


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Re: [TO ADD] Alien Disguise Feature Broken?

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You're right @Pegasyms that does seem to be the only workaround for now :'( and yes, changing other family members was indeed how I lost the alien disguise

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Re: [TO ADD] Alien Disguise Feature Broken?

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@Pegasyms I don't think this works with child alien's because when I clicked on the mirror there was no change sim option or maybe it's just my game


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Re: [TO TEST] Alien Disguise Feature Broken?

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I'm having the same problem after the update. In the disguise for some reason their eyes stay normal though. See screen shot attached

Also I've found the reverse - if I place two disguised aliens from my library, their alien form is missing. I first noticed this when they had a baby - and the baby was born with a human skin tone :/ every time I load my game, their alien form changes colour if I remove their disguise

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Re: [TO ADD] Alien Disguise Feature Broken?

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my child's eyes and voice stay the same I also have another alien but since I was altering the other sims alien form and not her's, her alien form stayed the same


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Re: [TO ADD] Alien Disguise Feature Broken?

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Yes, that is the same here, and i don't use cc or mods, so can conform that it is the latest patch.

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Re: [TO ADD] Alien Disguise Feature Broken?

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Yes, just happened to me too.  I don't use any mods or cc either.  Today one of my other Sims in the household aged up, so I gave her a post-birthday makeover in CAS.  I think that's what triggered my alien to have his disguise broken.  I noticed that he was in his alien form, and I thought I left him disguised.  He was in disguise, but his human and alien forms/outfits were now identical.  He's my first alien born in-game from an alien abduction.  I don't think I could recreate his human disguise if I tried! 


The work-around that I used was to go back to a previous save and move my alien out of the house. Luckily I had saved before I went to Manage Worlds for the birthday makeover.  Then I changed the birthday Sim's outfits the way I wanted, went back to the game and invited my alien to move back in. 


Of course, moving him out and back in again messed up my household collections, but that's a whole other bug and I'm too tired to go fix that now. 

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