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Re: Alien Disguise Feature Broken?

by Pegasyms

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[FIXED] Alien Disguise Feature Broken?

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Hello! I would like to report a believed bug that I have encountered after today's patch. (5/25/17 -- PC Version

Here is what happened. I loaded up immediately after the patch finished and resumed a game I started yesterday, I have a sim who is an alien, I clicked "Alter Disguise" and made some edits, I finished up and then upon leaving that CAS screen and returning to the game I noticed that my sim's disguise had been totally replaced by her true alien form, as if copy and pasted, hair and clothes and all. I thought maybe she somehow had been forced back into her true form upon exiting CAS, but when I clicked her again, the option to remove her disguise was still there, everything was functioning as if she was still in disguise even though she was clearly an alien.

At this point when attempting to go back into CAS via "Alter Disguise" it then showed the carbon copies, all traces of the previous human disguise were gone. But no edits could be made, no matter what I did to change clothes or skin or hair or make any attempt to change the disguise back into a human, whenever I left CAS all changes were reverted and the disguise was once again a carbon copy of the alien sim.

So naturally after that I tried multiple things. I tried a lot of wiggling and workarounds, because I play with a lot of mods and I assumed I myself caused this glitch to happen somehow. When that failed I started a brand new alien character, even then the problem persisted. I was noticing other issues at this point as well like upon making a new human character after loading up the game, the human had an alien voice for no apparent reason, really glitchy stuff like that.

So I decided to turn of all my mods in options, and reloaded the game as I was convinced my mods were causing the issue. But no luck! Even with all mods deactivated, the same issue persisted! Now I was wondering if maybe it was the patch, so I got a friend to help me out, I had him download the game from my Origin account onto his computer, completely fresh with nothing in the saves or anything, and test it out, and lo and behold the exact same thing happened to him.


Create Alien > Go In Game > Wear Disguise > Alter Disguise > Click Ok > Disguise Is now an alien and everything is BROKEN.

Oh and this feature was working perfectly yesterday when I was playing, before this patch was installed, so that is the only thing I can imagine to have caused this. I came straight here after testing it out with my friend's fresh game, I want to report this so maybe the devs can know about it if this really was caused by the patch, and I also want to confirm if this is a widespread issue or somehow it only is happening to me and my friend.

Sorry this was long, I tried to make it as detailed and concise as possible, thank you for your time!

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Re: [TO ADD] Alien Disguise Feature Broken?


  • You can now alter alien disguises again with merry abandon.

This has been fixed in today's patch 1.30.105


I do believe that you will need to redo all lost disguises.


If anyone can confirm that ..

Happy Gaming


I don't work or have any association with EA. I give advice to the best of my knowledge and cannot be held responsible for any damage done to your computer/game.

Please only contact me via PM when asked to do so.

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Re: Alien Disguise Feature Broken?

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I can confirm this bug is happening to me since the May patch. I have a save with an alien child. Only when I actually saved the altered disguise in CAS did it break the disguise. I was able to recreate his human disguise by using cas.fulleditmode, but even with that, after saving in CAS, it erases the disguise and changes the disguise to the alien form. 

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Re: Alien Disguise Feature Broken?

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Thank you! That is exactly the same as what I am experiencing, it seems the patch is definitely to blame. 

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Re: Alien Disguise Feature Broken?

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i  have the same issue , just discovered it this evening. very disappointing after creating the human form for so long.

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Re: Alien Disguise Feature Broken?

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Same here! Doesn't matter how I alter the disguise, whether by removing disguise + alter disguise in CAS + leave & wear disguise, whether by wearing the disguise already + then changing in CAS, whether by using modify in CAS through testing cheats, or by trying to debug the sim. None of it makes a difference. :'( Didn't have any issues with this pre-patch so like the others I too am fairly certain it's patch-related! If you guys want saves, let me know!

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Re: Alien Disguise Feature Broken?

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This literally just happened to me 5 minutes ago and I freaked out trying to reset everything. I'm really hoping they'll catch wind of this quickly and try to fix this bug. Hopefully there is a solution!

I just really loved my human disguise 😅
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Re: [TO TEST] Alien Disguise Feature Broken?

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It copies the alien form over the disguise.

It's exactly the feature I was looking for Standard smile .


Note: There is no issue if you edit the sim with a mirror.

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Re: [TO TEST] Alien Disguise Feature Broken?

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i knew there was going to be some bugs along with this update, but i didn't think it would be anything this severe

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Re: [TO TEST] Alien Disguise Feature Broken?

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@NoahLGP Are you sure about that? I tried all ways of editing the alien disguise at the mirror, and still the same problem. 

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Re: [TO TEST] Alien Disguise Feature Broken?

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@Pegasyms Oops, I was wrong !


The alien must remove the disguise before to go in CAS.

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