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Re: Extra Counter on RJT’s Defiant Slash

by ItsGonnaBeHuge

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Re: Extra Counter on RJT’s Defiant Slash

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Well I see what you’re saying and that makes sense for what is happening. Countering Han Solo twice or Ezra twice (if he attacks twice) or leia more than once (depending on the number of times she attacks) makes sense as those were attacks you executed on that character’s turn and those attacks have mechanics that make them attack again. However another character’s mechanic making a random character attack again should not give another counter if it called the original attacker, just doesn’t seem right. Furthermore this thread was marked solved last May and it was left as to be marked as a bug. Is what I asked about any different mechanically speaking than what OP reported?


EDIT: never mind the question I guess. Just saw the new response from high command just above yours. Following links from email notifications on my phone and didn’t scroll up to see his post before. Well I appreciate the actual mechanical explanation for the behavior being experienced as opposed to just the WAI stamp of approval, so thank you @scuba75

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