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Error Code 3.0

by jessefresh224

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Re: Error Code 3.0

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Re: Error Code 3.0

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691-317-561 Is my ally code
In case that helps expedite this.
It’s been over 24 hours now and still zero help and no answers.
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Re: Error Code 3.0

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Same problem here but different message for me.
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Re: Error Code 3.0

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Why aren’t we getting any sort of update on this situation? It’s been over 24 hours of not being able to log in with zero answers.
691-317-561 Ally code
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Re: Error Code 3.0

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I finally was able to load the game... ty

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Re: Error Code 3.0

EA Live QV Team

Hi all,


We've manually fixed all affected accounts now and you should be able to log back into the game without further trouble.

Thanks for sticking with us!

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Re: Error Code 3.0

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Appreciate the fix. Can you tell us what the issue was so if it ever happens again we know what to tell customer support? If this had been isolated to one account I fear it would not have gotten the attention it did this time around. Also, it would be good to know it we can expect any compensation for lost progress as this loss of access lasted over 24 hours. Thanks again - Glad to be playing again!
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Re: Error Code 3.0

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What about all the missed rewards from this happening? With Darth revan coming I needed all the time I can get. 2 days of lost rewards and zero compensation? I gotta say that's terrible customer service.

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Re: Error Code 3.0

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Also happens to me... during latest TW Frown


fought ... won... 5 to zero... got error 3.0 und game restarted .... lost my team... enemy team got one fight und the team is back ... very frustrating. 


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Re: Error Code 3.0

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I had the same issue after a full win in TW I got ‘Error Code 3’ and had to restart, I had lost my squad and the opposition squad was not only full health/protection but also credited with a defensive win, this is now only one of the issues as since I tried again I am now getting ridiculous lag causing the battle to time out. 

I have tried all the usual fixes e.g. unload app, reinstall etc but still the same.

i have three accs one on iOS with Game Centre, one iOS outside of Game Centre and one on an Android tablet and have issues on all three.

this is now costing my whole guild valuable points and means I have to now sit out the rest of the war.

i am able to complete everything else in game like Arena, GW and even the current two events.

Ally Codes - 773-159-815.




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