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Error Code 3.0

by jessefresh224

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Re: Error Code 3.0

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Please expedite this. It's been over 24 hours now. I let my guild down yesterday in our territory war and lost out on rewards from our heroic sith raid. It also looks like I'll be missing out on the grand arena as well I was really hoping to place first. That's impossible now. I spend a lot of time and money on this game and am really put off by this. I for sure wont have enough time to get Darth revan now..

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Re: Error Code 3.0

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Same issue allycode is: 115373586. Plz fix ASAP

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Re: Error Code 3.0

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Is there an update on this....I still haven’t been able to log in for at least 24 hours. Phone support has been no help. 

Ally code is 314-358-218

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Re: Error Code 3.0

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Still haven't heard anything. This is getting crazy now over 24 hours and zero assistance. I've spent quite a bit of money and invested time in this game. Feels like a big waste now.

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Re: Error Code 3.0

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It's incredibly frustrating. I wasn't able to log in at all yesterday or today,  so i missed both payouts and i will miss the extra zeta mat at the end if the month for logging in everyday.  This is all on top of missing the raids and at least the first round of grand arena.  Please correct this error asap.  My ally code is 549-514-317.

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Re: Error Code 3.0

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I’m having the same issue except my error code is 9.57 but the same message as posted above.
its been about 24 hours now and incredibly frustrating.
Please give us some sort of answers and hopefully sort out the issue ASAP.
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Re: Error Code 3.0

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This is day 2 unable to login to game...  I’ve posted in forum and sent email to tech support.  Does not work on both my iPad Pro and IPhone X.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled game to no avai, using WiFi and Cellular hookup.  There are several other guild mates with the same issue started at the exact same time, as we communicate thru our Guild Discord.  This is very disheartening hearing virtually nothing from EA.  I have spent untold amount of hours, every day, and a fair amount of money in this game.  My ally code is 254-869-887.

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Re: Error Code 3.0

EA Live QV Team

Hi @oegcz8jf4v4m,


Your error seems different. What is your ally-code and when did that start?


For everyone else, we think we found the culprit and are working on a fix. In the meantime, you can fully reboot the game once in a while (please not every minute^^) to see if your account is fixed. We will update the thread, once we've completed our work.

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Re: Error Code 3.0

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My ally code is 254-869-887.  This happened yesterday between 10-11am local time, while I was working on “mods” in-game.  Just disconnected me and I haven’t been able to load the game since.  I play almost exclusively on my iPad Pro.  Tried loading game on my iPhone X (been about a week since I played the game on my iPhone), same message.  I get login notice with “Apple’s Game Center” as SWGOH tries loading from “loading Cantina” screen, I get the above message.  I have rebooted iPad and iPhone, reinstalled game several times, tried loading on WiFi and using Cellular data only.

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Re: Error Code 3.0

[ Edited ]
EA Live QV Team

Hi @IceBurg66, ignore my previous post.

Found your account and will look into it.

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