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Error Code 3.0

by malox23

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Re: Error Code 3.0

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I'm actually getting error code 9

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Re: Error Code 3.0

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@EA_MindTricks any update on the reimbursement of missed items?  

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Re: Error Code 3.0

EA Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Team

Hi all, 


We are considering this issue resolved now as all account that were experiencing this issue have now been fixed and compensated.


Thank you for your patience and apologies for the inconvenience.

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Re: Error Code 3.0

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@EA_MindTricks Thanks again for your help.


In regards to the compensation that was provided (this is directed to the EA customer support team), it was not appropriate and extremely disappointed in the level of service your call center provided.  The message I provided was "For 6 days of missed content, the crystals (and 1 omega mat) you provided doesn't even cover the daily activities and partially the squad and ship arena payouts.  This is a fraction of what I missed in the game (gear and ability mats from all challenges and raid rewards in addition to double drops last weekend).  I log in daily and complete all activities on a regular basis and a member of a 150M+ GP guild that can complete heroic level sith raid.  This means over the 6 days, I missed minimum of 6 omega mats, 2 zeta mats from 1st TW, and a bunch of gear from challenges in addition to at a minimum of 5 shards of traya + gear at just joining/posting 0 in heroic sith raid and shards + gear in tank and pit raids as well PER launch occurrence.  I have played this game for 2 years now and spent significant money to be competitive, complete heroic levels of raids, and support continued advancement of this game."


The response given was the compensation provided is non-negotiable and follows EA internal guidelines which will not be disclosed or explained.  For any concerns, please post on the forums.

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Re: Error Code 3.0

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Looks like another dissatisfied customer who will not be spending any more money on EA products. But the rumor mill says that Disney may be pulling exclusive rights to the Star Wars brand from them, so look forward to competition.
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Re: Error Code 3.0

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Ok let me get this strait...ive been going around the block losing my mind with many many tech support people that insisted it was my internet connection no matter how many times id tell them i could play the freaking game from any account but the one that crashed to the 3.0 error after rejecting the stuck in my inbox guild invite...i was already in the guild. So I post my Ally Code and yall fix my account??


Sysmai: Level 85



error 3.0 after having to hit reject. As of now when my allies look at my name it shows me in the guild. However, i do not show up in the guild list. So the leader or anyone cant invite me since it shows im already in the guild and they cant remove me..because im not listed in guild management. ive been stuck in limbo and cant login...PLEASE FIX ASAP! i will praise you for ever if i have to talk to tech support about rebooting my router for a mobile phone using mobile data again ill explode..

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Re: Error Code 3.0

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Player Name: Cruze Rusuub

Level: 85

ID: 169-499-641

Guild: Rulers of Moraband


Same issue! I get ErrorCode: 3.0 every time I try to play the game. I tried reinstalling, restarting, clearing the app cache, and updating (app as well as phone software), NOTHING WORKS.
I've had to open multiple customer support cases because the first time they sent me a link to a trouble shooting page then marked the case as resolved (really helpful).

While less important it also annoyed me that in the message they referred to me by the complete wrong name even though I included my name with the case when I filed it. That's a real sign of customer appreciation.

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Re: Error Code 3.0

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This issue is definitely not solved for me and would truly appreciate some assistance. I've missed out on a lot because of the problem.

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Re: Error Code 3.0

EA Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Team

@sysmai and @Myou_Mitsukai Thanks for the report guys, we are working on getting this fixed for you as soon as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience and the wait meanwhile.

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Re: Error Code 3.0

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I got same I'm darthfeflon ally code 172-394-449
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