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Error Code 3.0

by malox23

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Re: Error Code 3.0

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Any update?  

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Re: Error Code 3.0

EA Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Team

Thanks for your reports guys. We are currently looking into this.


If there are any other examples of Error Code 3.0 please post your Ally Code.

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Re: Error Code 3.0

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How's it going MindTricks.

I can see that one of my friends posted for me recently.

I'm actually extremely frustrated with the non stop run around EA has been giving me during this Error 3.0

I've sent out 5 tickets and have received general replies every time, all of which telling me to trouble shoot my issue with pointless attempts.
I have done the following :

Deleted cache and data
Un installed and Re installed the app
Checked data & Internet connection
Used father in laws galaxy 8 to log in
Fully formated my cell to factory points
Supplied complete mobile specs to a tech representative

Nothing has worked with no reply

I've been out of the game for 5 days straight and all the suggestions I've had from the tech groups have hinted that the issue must be from my end, which isn't the case.

Here is my player id & ally code



I would highly appreciate a response of any kind that could help answer me in why so many of us are waiting so long on this apparent glitch that is blocking out apple and android users alike.
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Re: Error Code 3.0

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Thesiir - You are not alone in the way support has treated us. I've spoke to EA 15+ times, opened 9 tickets, and every time it's the same troubleshooting tips. My case was escalated to the "studio" last Thursday and I'm still locked on day 6.
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Re: Error Code 3.0

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I had that issue with my alt account, but only because I tried joining a HAAT raid and I didn't have a 7* character. Not sure if that's the case with you.
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Re: Error Code 3.0

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I have faith in EA but I'm definitely not satisfied with the lack of interest the tech support had given any of us during this confusion
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Re: Error Code 3.0

[ Edited ]
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I'm able to get in now.  Thank you.

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Re: Error Code 3.0

EA Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Team


We checked the accounts you provided and none of them seem to have any issues:

7vx_7fQIQ6eqE2Gao-yBYQ is a level 85 account which has activity showing up today.

695 - 483 - 925 is for a level 1 account.


For everyone else who posted their Ally Codes here, you should be able to login now. We will also review your accounts for what you missed out on due to this issue and you will receive a separate inbox message for that.


Thank you for your patience and apologies for the inconvenience caused.

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Re: Error Code 3.0

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Thank you! 

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Re: Error Code 3.0

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Thank you. When can we expect the review to be complete?
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