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Re: Dying from burning

by JohnnyBangB

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Dying from burning

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Just did the endmission on Matthias quest where you fight three lesser Ash Titans who throw a whole lot of fire abilities towards you, and I played it on hardmode and with the class Interceptor. I died multiple times from the burning-dot, that burnt through my shield and then ate up my whole healthbar. This happened everytime I got hit by one of the firespells, and there was nothing I could do about it.


I didn't have the support-item which clears status effects, so I guess that's one way to prevent death from burning. But since I didn't have it equipped I died alot from the burning-damage. I read through some reddit-threads that said that you're not supposed to die from the burning-effect, since it leaves you with a tiny bit health. But in my case, that didn't happen.


Is that suppose to happen only to interceptors, since the other members of my party (1 storm and 2 colossuses) didn't die from the burning-dot, but had a tiny bit of HP left each time they got hit with the burning-debuff. 


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Re: Dying from burning

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Happens alot and is gamebreaking gm2 and up. Plz fix
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