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Disabled Block BUG: Block Stops Working, No Block Animation, Stamina Depletes

by RogueZeroRendar

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Disabled Block BUG: Block Stops Working, No Block Animation, Stamina Depletes

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Product: Star Wars Battlefront II
What is your issue related to? General
Summarize your bug Suddenly a lightsaber user becomes unable to block with its associated button. Stamina is depleted normally, but neither the blocking animation nor the actual act of blocking work as intended.
What is your gamertag/PSN ID/EA Account name? RogueZeroRendar
How often does the bug occur? Often (50% - 99%)
Can you tell us the date (MM/DD/YYYY) that you saw the bug? Many dates
What time did you see the bug? (HH:MM AM/PM) Many times
In what game mode did the bug occur? Heroes vs. Villains
What is your time zone?
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Follow the steps in the videos provided
What happens when the bug occurs? Lightsaber user becomes unable to block with his lightsaber.
What do you expect to see? That this longstanding BUG finally gets fixed
Please select your region Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America
AMD or Nvidia Model Number


(TIME STAMPS: 1 min 12 sec to fully check the process, or 1 min 30 sec to only check the actual fastest stamina depletion method itself) 

The best I can provide is in this video:

In this newer video you just need to allow kylo to freeze you twice in a row, and the BUG will get activated.


There's also this older video that shows another method to reproduce this BUG. which works since April 2018 at least:


To summarize it: I block Vader's Choke in the exact moment between a successful Block and an unsuccessful block, which leads to a bad state where you take damage, gets slower, but remains walking and blocking. If you simply let go, you resume the choking animation (this BUG which I called Vader's Choke Half Effect BUG is covered here: ). However, if you try to dodge away during this bad state, with some trial and error, you'll trigger the Disabled Block BUG state, which can only be fixed by either respawning or depleting your stamina.


However, this doesn't mean this BUG is associated with Vader's choke, but it's the only case I've been able to reproduce (now there's the new Kylo's Freeze method since the Chosen One Update). I opened this new thread because Ewok Patch has come and this hasn't  been adressed yet.


I hope this finally gets fixed once and for all.

Also, I leave here this match (December 2018) as another great mark for the existence of this BUG: I endured it happening 5 times in the same match, had to use the method of depleting stamina 5 times to get back to the fight properly, and even then I managed to die only once, and do a 41 killstreak as Rey. 

The time stamps can be found in the video description on youtube, but here are they anyway: 04:05, 19:15, 21:40, 25:55, 38:50

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Re: Disabled Block BUG

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You're an idol for providing a self solution. This has been happening since launch.

Keep the good work, Rendar! #FreeRendar
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Re: Disabled Block BUG

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Guess what? They didn't fix this yet. Well done! This BUG is completing 7 months of age (or more, if Beta testers can provide proof it happens since beta). This is tiresome. There's not a single day of playing this game that I don't see at least 3 BUGs (take into consideration the daily crate BUG happens everyday)

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Re: Disabled Block BUG

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This is happening to so many people now. Me, my friends, opponents. So tired of seeing it everywhere. I know the season 2 content drop won’t be anytime soon but at least get these bugs fixed before it.
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Re: Disabled Block BUG

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As of Season 2 Part 2 on June 12th, this BUG still exists:


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Re: Disabled Block BUG

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I'm bumping this because of course this was never fixed and never even acknowledged either here, or in any official info from the dev team.


This BUG has a interesting side effect which is a visual glitch on Rey's Dash Strike.


I have SOOOOOOOOOOO many clips of this side-effect I might as well make a bloopers video JUST with these.


Please DICE fix this annying BUG once and for all. I've already provided so much to get rid of it, yet nothing came as a response, absolutely nothing.

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Re: Disabled Block BUG

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Yep, I got this bug today. It's extremely annoying and makes being a hero pointless in some situations.


Yes, I know there is a fix but I had forgotten how to do it after not playing the game for months.

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Re: Disabled Block BUG

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It's still happening. Frown
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Re: Disabled Block BUG

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Since the November or December updates, this BUG has become much more frequent in HvV. With Rey we can know it has happened when she triggers theDash Strike Visual BUG (, but with the others only a failed blocking animation can show this to us, or by blocking and failing in a damaging situation (which usually results in death).


What I've been doing lately when I realise I triggered the Disabled Block BUG is jumping and attacking while jumping. It consumes much more stamina, so 4 of these in fast sequence are enough to completely drain your stamina, and to fix the Disabled Block BUG with it.

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Re: Disabled Block BUG

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I was watching a match between some of the top PC players (JandyrBC, Enigma, Centryus, AWD075, avd75, 4imbotMarqsu), and I spotted another example of the Disabled Block BUG:


Video already in correct time to see the BUG

You can clearly see that rey blocks in 13:37, then she's struck by lightning (and maybe got a quick hit from kylo at the same time, but that's just a guess based on his animation, and probably it didn't even happen) and in 13:48 she starts usind the depleting stamina method to fix the bug ingame. He probably tested his block while insight was active, which doesn't trigger the stamina bar depleting animation as it doesn't deplete while insight is active, and that's the reason we as viewers can't be sure, while he as player can because as he presses the blocking button nothing happens.


So it must have been caused by this interaction of lightning, dodging, attacking, and maybe getting also attacked by kylo, all in a very short moment.

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