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Dev traits not revealing

by DrLatBC

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Re: Dev traits not revealing

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@Penaltyb0x wrote:

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@EA_Blueberry wrote:

@AscendedSoul wrote:

@EA_Blueberry I thought I would had this info just in case it wasn't known. Creating a franchise with default pre season roster does not have this bug. But those rosters are out off date and we use the active roster setting in create a franchise and that's where the bug is, also it is in both online and offline franchises. 

That's some really good info and at least a workaround for this while the team is looking into it. We've raised it up to the team that this is still happening. Thumbs up



On the previous page I informed the thread it's still being looked into. As a Madden player myself, the workaround is great but ideally a lot of us want to use the most updated rosters. As soon as we find out more information on this we'll share it with you all as soon as we can. Thumbs up

Using preseason rosters is all fine and dandy, except tbat your preseason rosters are out of date as far as players go. I built a team full of UCLA players which some arent available on the preseason rosters. So yeah that doesnt work for me. I bought the game so i could run a franchise to see if i could win a superbowl with an all or mostly UCLA squad 

This may not help your current franchise with the UCLA players, but looks like this may be fixed for newly created franchises. Take a look a few posts above.

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Re: Dev traits not revealing

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Same here and I'm on xbox one x. I have even tried clearing cache reinstalled the game and still same thing. Game has to many bug and problems this k they should take a year off from making the game and come out with a new new madden in 2 yrs

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Re: Dev traits not revealing

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is it fixed though? i Started a franchise on active roster yesterday... didn't check it yet


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Re: Solution/Workaround (hopefully)

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Gamertag: Bankruptkhan455

Platform: XBox One 

Franchise affected: Every single stinkin' one I've tried - online / offline / BOTH

Rosters: I'm using updated - because who the hell wants to use a 2 Month old roster??  Am I right?


Eagerly awaiting your REPLY ... Thank you! 

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Re: Solution/Workaround (hopefully)

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any news ???

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Re: Solution/Workaround (hopefully)

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@telkrann I posted a week ago saying PS4 active rosters was working, not sure if everyone else it is working for but mine works as it should
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Re: Solution/Workaround (hopefully)

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