Details: Preliminary fix for the Sim Busy Issue

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Details: Preliminary fix for the Sim Busy Issue

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Sul Sul Simmers,


In the latest update's Blog Notes, we mentioned that the preliminary fix for the Sim Busy Issue would go live as a part of the Briny Nights update.


Below are a few more details:


Q] What do the preliminary fixes include?

A] The team has resolved a part of the issue: "Passive Sims stuck (in an event) when tried to make active." Players can now select any passive sim in family portrait and make them active without any issues. The team continues to investigate and fix other areas.


Q] What improvement would players expect in their games on this issue?

A] We are confident that Sims that are Passive but stuck as busy can now be active again. 


Q] How can a player take advantage of the fix?

A] Players can use the family portrait to switch the passive busy Sim back to active. If they are unable to, we suggest they back up their game, take note of their Player ID, and re-install the game.


Q] Once players get the passive but 'stuck as busy' Sim free, is there a possibility that the same Sim can get stuck again?

A] We believe this to fix to be a permanent one for passive sim busy issues. Ideally, Sims that recover should not face the problem again. If the problem does not resolve for any player, we would need to investigate why and I would request them to reach out to me!

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