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Re: Desync Cheat?

by EA_Aljo

Original Post

Desync Cheat?

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Product: NHL 21
Platform:PlayStation 5
How often does the bug occur? Rarely (0% - 9%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Believe the problem is a network issue not performed by an in-game action.
What happens when the bug occurs? Game desyncs cause play to pause and a faceoff to occur to restart play, the clock goes backwards adding time onto the clock. Occurred very frequently after my opponent got his first goal and caused a game disconnect after the tie-breaking goal and resulted in a loss and no experience points earned.
What do you expect to see? Game does not desync so frequently in a short period of time and allows me to play the full game to get experience points for playing a match
Was the issue in online or offline mode? Online
Insert Game Mode or Feature here HUT RIVALS
What time did you see the bug? (HH:MM AM/PM) 03:00 AM
What is your time zone? NET - GMT + 4:00
What is your gamertag/PSN ID? SteelCityK1D
PS4 Crash Reporting: Please copy the text you put in the crash report here.
EASHL issues? Please insert your Club Region.
What is your game language? English

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Re: Desync Cheat?

Community Manager

Hi there, @SteelCityK1D


We should go through some connection troubleshooting to rule out any issues on your end. First, are you on a wired or wireless connection? Also,  has it been a while since you power cycled your equipment? If so, try doing it now with these steps: unplug your modem, router and console. After 2 minutes plug in the modem and router. Let them come back online completely. Then plug in your console and start it up. Let me know if that helps or not. Thanks!

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Re: Desync Cheat?

[ Edited ]
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My PS5 has a wired connection, I have cycled power to the modem and router and my console on the network. I had no problems with the game before or the game after this match without having to cycle power to anything which is why I was suspicious that there was foul play involved. It could have just been a strange coincidence with regard to the timing of the desyncs during that game but this is the first time playing NHL 21 (over 500 hours played, PS4 Pro before PS5 arrived December 20) that I ever experienced a desync. I have not had a regular problem with desyncs since NHL 18 or 19. I am more accustomed to the connection just being lost without a desync if there is a network issue.

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Re: Desync Cheat?

Community Manager



It's certainly possible there was a hiccup in the connection causing this to happen. If it starts happening more regularly, we should look into it. For now, it seems you're ok.

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Re: Desync Cheat?

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It happened again this time after I had scored a few goals early in the first period, I think this is a bigger issue of people looking to avoid getting handed a loss and falling in the rankings. I feel it is not as widespread because of how much intricate knowledge you need in networking and that the average person will not know how to do it easily, and this is a console game so people are not pushing 3rd party software like you can on PC.



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Re: Desync Cheat?

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Like seriously, how hard is it to monitor successful packet transfer for both transmit and receive, set a threshold for a given ping. If the success rate of either of those falls below that threshold, that player disconnects and gets a loss.

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Re: Desync Cheat?

Community Manager



It's more difficult to do this during Rivals matches as those are on dedicated servers. Is it just these 2 occurrences where you've experienced this?

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Re: Desync Cheat?

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Just want to add...


ive have EVERY NHL since nhlpa.

ive played every hut there after since release.

Im experienced and skilled enugh to notice everykind of glitch cheats and desync and eatiltsuck there is.


and in the desync case in 21 you will notice it more and more the higher division you get in rivals. Division 3 and up is just redicolus! 
there you Will also notice the bail out desync cheat.

like i Said... om skilled enugh to handle the play desync... but when the Noob opp. Notice im not leaving and im winning anyway.... the bailout cheat always occure and i get the loss.


so yes. There are loads of gamers cheating in everyway.


Ea has to start to handle the situation and start banning gamers for systematic glitching.

(Gameplay glitching, desync CHEATING and eatiltsuck glitching)

to earn the trust back from the veterans honest SKILLED gamers.

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Re: Desync Cheat?

Community Manager



Can you explain the tilt glitch you mention? If you're talking about ice tilt, that doesn't exist.


As far as IP booting goes, there isn't anything we can really do about this. Players are having action taken on their accounts when they are caught cheating. 

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