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Re: Delay after using Malevolence basic attack

by AlexPetroGD

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Delay after using Malevolence basic attack

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Product: Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
Platform:Apple iPhone
What type of device are you experiencing the issue with? XR
OS Version 13.1
Ally Code: (Find it here: ) 699-697-392
What type of issue do you have? Gameplay
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Summarize your bug When using the basic attack from the Malevolence, there is a delay before the next turn (fairly significant one) It is seriously frustrating and has caused me to timeout a couple times, and today I missed out on better arena rank because my battle finished seconds after payout time - 15 seconds was wasted with this delay. This has been here since Malevolence launch and really needs addressing even if it's less priority.
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Start any fleet battle with the Malevolence > Use it's basic attack > Notice delay after attack
Connection Type Wifi
Please select your region Europe
Country England

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Re: Delay after using Malevolence basic attack

EA Live QV Team

Hi @AlexPetroGD and thank you for reporting this.


We've tested this today on several different devices and whilst there is a slight delay, we wouldn't consider it significant or disrupting. Please keep in mind that especially with Malevolence there are a lot of things to check during and after it's turn (due to the summon mechanic). Can you check at 1x and 2x speed if the delay is still there and noticeable?


PS: You can upload the video elsewhere and provide us with the link here, that works too.

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Re: Delay after using Malevolence basic attack

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@EA_HighCommand Hey there, thanks for responding.


so the delay is worse the faster the battle speed. But since in the slower speed the initial attack animation will be slower, I don’t think switching to X1/2 for the basic will work as a workaround.

And while I understand that things are going on in the background, the basic attack is quite simple, with the delay happening after the damage and the stun has taken place (units also cannot be summoned on the basic so it shouldn’t have to take that into account)


i’d also personally disagree on the level of disruption, while admittedly small it is still very noticeable over the course of a battle, as you may end up using the basic attack multiple times. 

Thanks for getting back to me and flagging this, even if it is tagged as a low priority

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Re: Delay after using Malevolence basic attack

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I’d have to agree that it is highly noticeable.

The delay on basic is far above any of the specials, except ultimate.


This delay feels like a remnant from the time with all capital ship abilities having animations.

I do understand this would not be high priority, but would suggest to at least tag it as something to look into.

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